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Office of Civil Rights & Title IX

Training and Education

All faculty, staff, student employees, graduate associates, and students are required to take annual sexual misconduct training and other anti-discrimination and harassment training as directed by the university. All individuals who are responsible for effectuating any part of Title IX policies are required to be trained on the substantive requirements of Title IX.

Civil Rights and Title IX Training

As part of our commitment to creating an inclusive campus and workplace, we have established the courses below to help the university community succeed in their personal, academic, and professional lives. 

Mandatory Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training  

The Office of Civil Rights and Title IX offers a diversity course that is required at the University of South Carolina for all incoming students (first time freshmen and transfers). It covers principles and best practices related to diversity and inclusion. Within their first semester, students will receive notice of the course in their campus email as well as instructions on how to access and complete the training. 

Mandatory Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training  

The Civil Rights and Title IX offers a mandatory Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training that is required at the University of South Carolina for all university employees system wide. It covers the university policies, laws and procedures that address unlawful discrimination and harassment. Within the first 60 days of employment, new employees will receive a link via email to access online training. 

The University also offers optional, recommended trainings for Clery and Diversity and Inclusion. 

University employees who serve as investigators, decision makers, or appeals officers have completed one or more of the following trainings in accordance with the requirements set by the department of education.  

2023 Title IX Training

"Title IX Overview" (2023): Saundra K. Schuster, Esq. 
University of South Carolina | January 18 - 19, 2023

The slides can also be found on the ATIXA public page by clicking on the 2023 button under Customized Training Materials. 

For more information on non-mandatory training programs regarding discrimination and harassment, please visit the interpersonal violence website, the Office of Access and Opportunity, and the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs.     

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