University 101 Programs

Teaching Experience Workshop

Required as a prerequisite to teaching University 101, this 3-day workshop provides the prospective instructor valuable insights into the development of a University 101 syllabus, the fundamental areas of instruction for the course, strategies for active learning, the various campus resources designed for student success, and the unique opportunity to hear from other University 101 instructors as they share their experiences and recommendations for teaching within the program. The Teaching Experience Workshop is offered several times a year when classes are in recess. The workshops for 2018 are scheduled for

January 3-5, 2018 - Full
March 13-15, 2018 - Full
May 15-17, 2018
- Full

The application for fall 2019 will be available starting in mid-summer.

As a result of participating in this workshop, we expect that instructors will:

  • Articulate the goals, purpose, & philosophy of UNIV 101
  • Describe the needs and attitudes of first-year students
  • Experience and learn appropriate pedagogical styles and techniques relevant to a seminar class
  • Develop an understanding of and strategies to teach the major components of UNIV 101
  • Become acquainted with the resources available to them as instructors
  • Begin to develop their course plan and syllabus
  • Build community as a cohort of instructors

Click here for a sample agenda from a recent Teaching Experience Workshop.

Information for Off-Campus Visitors
While the primary focus of these workshops is to serve those on the University of South Carolina campuses interested in teaching University 101, these workshops are also open (pending availability) to visitors from other academic institutions with an interest in learning more about the first-year seminar and University 101. If you are a visitor from another institution, you may arrange to attend upon payment of a designated tuition fee. Click here to view the flyer for the summer 2018 workshop that is open to outside participants. Please contact  James Winfield, Assistant Director for Faculty Development, for more information.