University 101 Programs

"Top Ten" Topic Descriptions

  • What NOT to do at a football game

    • The legal risks of drinking of disorderly conduct 

    • Red solo cups – not as magical as you think 

    • What to do and not to do if you are approached by the police 

    • Safe decision making related to the perils of day long drinking 
  • Avoidable and embarrassing freshmen faux pas 

    • Acknowledging that beer angels do not exist – taking responsibility for decision making with RMs and the police 

    • Repercussions of urinating outdoors and how it can get you on the sex offender registry 

    • Warning students who make safe decisions not to use substances about the risks of being geographically where the illegal substances are 

    • Poor time management as an excuse for plagiarism

    • What to do when a friend needs medical attention after drinking and the outcomes of the decision options 
  • Fastest Ways to Get Kicked Out 

    • Jeopardizing others’ safety 

    • Illegal drugs and Adderoll 

    • Weapons, including air soft guns 

    • Fire safety 

    • Repercussions regarding the growing trend of on-line harassment and threats 

    • Payroll issues to consider - LIFE scholarship repercussions and parental notification guidelines and repercussions