University 101 Programs

See the World - Follow-up Activities

Beyond the Classroom Film Series

Beyond the Classroom Films offers instructors the opportunity for students to watch the learning that takes place while studying abroad. While not a formal presentation, the instructor may contact the International Program office or the U101 office to receive a copy of the films. Currently there are two films: China and Munich, each are 30 minutes. The China film is a documentary featuring a Capstone Scholars Maymester program of 22 students who went to China in May 2007. The Munich Maymester features a journalism course. The Munich film goes beyond documenting the student as they travel to various locations as in the China film and actually shows student work to help document the learning that occurred.  Instructor facilitated discussion regarding international education and the study abroad experience should follow the film with time for questions students may have about studying abroad. Information about study abroad is available on the Study Abroad website or instructors may contact the Study Abroad office for handouts.

Possible Instructor Discussion/Questions:

  • By show of hands how many of you have already been to another country?
  • Where did you go and why?
  • How many of you are currently interested in studying, interning, working, researching or volunteering abroad during your undergraduate years?
  • Do you already have expectations for the type of program, duration of time you want to spend in a foreign country, where you might want to go and what you might learn and get out of the experience?
  • So what did you think of the film? Does anyone particularly love it or hate it?
  • Does the film change anyone’s mind about Study Abroad?
  • The first step in planning for the many study abroad opportunities that are available is determining what kind of program you would like to be on.
  • Do you want to intern, work, volunteer, research or study in another country?
  • How long do you want to be in another country?
  • Do you want to get a sampling of a couple of countries or be more immersed the culture of one country or city?
  • Have you decided on a specific country or area or are you open to selecting a destination based on your schedule, expense or other concern?

Once you think over these questions and feel like you have an idea, it is best to check out the Study Abroad website and learn more, sign up for an information session (which will give you more information on the variety of programs), attend the Study Abroad Night (coming up in February) or make an appointment with a study abroad advisor or peer advisor to discuss possible programs which fit your criteria.

Study Abroad Fair (Fall)/Study Abroad Night (Spring)/Workshops
The Study Abroad Office offers a variety of events each semester with the sole purpose of providing additional information. The larger events such as the Study Abroad Fair and Study Abroad Night happen once a semester and offer students the opportunity to meet students who have previously studied abroad, exchange students study at South Carolina from partner universities, program providers that offer various programs abroad, and other representatives who can provide a wealth of knowledge to students looking for the best experience to meet individual criteria.

The Study Abroad Office also offers several workshops throughout the year, including “Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience” (September), “Internships Abroad” (October), “Work, Teach, and Volunteer Abroad” (November), and “Financing Your Study Abroad Experience” (March/April).  Students can attend and hear from Study Abroad office staff, returning students, and outside program providers.

Study Abroad Information Session
Make an appointment for an information session or initial appointment with a study abroad peer advisor. This is the first step in the study abroad process and covers many specific details regarding applications, financial aid, and credit transfer. Group information sessions are held several times a week or students can also request individual appointments. Call the Study Abroad Office at 803-777-7557 for updated information session times.

Study Abroad “Returnee” Interview
Go to the Study Abroad Office (3rd floor Legare College) and request to be paired with a student who has previously studied abroad. If you have a specific interest in an area or country, please specify your country of choice. Returning study abroad students can also be found on the Virtual Advising Network (V.A.N.), located on the Study Abroad website. Create a list of interview questions regarding the study abroad experience, the country and culture the student experienced and their overall impressions of the time abroad.

Cross-Cultural Games and Activities
See below for a listing of suggested cross-cultural games and activities. These activities can be used along with Thinking Globally or may substitute the presentation. Most include possible discussion topics, but the instructor is free to tailor the activities to fit their specific needs.

Follow up: Reflection topics

  • What new information did you learn about study abroad?
  • Did anything surprise you?
  • How has the study abroad changed the student’s perception of the world around them?
  • Does attending this event increase your interest in study abroad?
  • Do you plan on studying abroad, why or why not?
  • What information would you like to see included which was not included in the event you attended?
  • Where do you want to study abroad and why? What steps have you taken towards this goal?

Follow up: Formal paper topics/Presentation

  • Plan your study abroad experience. Where, when and for how long do you want to study? What classes do you plan to take while abroad? What advice has your study abroad advisor given you and what have you done to follow up?
  • Research a country/university where the University of South Carolina currently has international exchange agreements. Give a brief history of the partner university. In what areas does the university specialize? Where is the university located? What are some of the local customs? Use at least one resource available in the Study Abroad Office, one resource found in the library and one online source. Interview a current exchange student studying at USC from the partner university.
  • Research a study abroad scholarship and locate an applicable program. Include information on eligibility/application process/deadlines/on-campus coordinator. Complete a “Study Abroad Financial Plan” (available on study abroad website). If possible, interview a past recipient of that scholarship.