University 101 Programs

How Free is Free? Downloading on the Internet

Detailed Presentation Outline:

Instructor introduces speaker. Speaker will introduce himself/herself, role and give instructions for the case study.

Case Study Review: 
Students will be divided into 3 groups: Media Owner, Alleged Infringer, University. They will each be given a case study. They will review as a team the perspective their group has (personal views aside). Groups will be given 15 minutes to read the case and talk about how they will voice their “case”. Groups should elect a spokesperson. Their group summary should be based on the perspective they have been given.

During this time, the speaker will serve as a “consultant” to each team and provide information as requested. The instructor will be considered the “reporter” and will be reviewing questions to ask and the TA (if applicable) will review the case as a “student judicial” representative, ready to hear all the sides.

The instructor or speaker will ask questions about their cases. Questions include (but not limited to):

  • What is the University doing to protect the student?
  • Why is this content even available for people to get it?
  • Why don’t students know that this type of downloading is against the law?”

At the end of the discussion, the TA or instructor will make a mock-decision based on what he or she has heard, as a “student judicial” representative. 

Students will be asked to then reflect on some of the information they learned.

  • Has your perception changed?
  • Did you learn something new?
  • Do you agree with the decision?

Additional Information:

  • Infringement notices in each packet were received by USC’s Copyright Agent
  • University technical staff researched the notices to identify alleged infringer
  • Infringement information was accurately matched to USC student John Doe
  • This is at least the second alleged infringement matched to student John Doe
  • John Doe has now been referred to USC Student Judicial
  • This is not a subpoena, but may eventually lead to one
  • Except for the specifics pertaining to this case (i.e., student name and infringement notices), all other information is publicly and freely available online