University 101 Programs

Campus Safety

Presentation Abstract
The Campus Safety presentation is presented by a member of the USC Division of Law Enforcement and Safety. The presentation consists of a PowerPoint presentation and videos which covers many important aspects of crime prevention and campus safety. This includes how to contact law enforcement in the event of an emergency, criminal activity that can occur on and off campus, escort and shuttle services, problems areas for students (alcohol and drugs), and social media outlets to disseminate safety information, safety apps, and other helpful resources to assist students in keeping themselves and their property safe on campus.

University 101 Learning Outcomes

III c) Examine and develop strategies that promote wellbeing and explain how wellness impacts their academic and personal success.

The students will be educated in the areas of crime prevention, reduction, and awareness of criminal activity. The students will be educated on numerous educational programs through the police that let them know what they can and should do to prevent themselves from becoming potential victims.

Presentation Learning Outcomes
As a result of this presentation, students will be able to:
-Know several ways to contact law enforcement in the event of an emergency.
-Be aware of various crimes that occur on and off campus.
-Know ways to protect themselves and their property.
-Know the various shuttle and escort options available to assist students on and off campus.

Presentation Outline
USC Division of Law Enforcement & Safety
1. Police Department
Following us on Twitter and Facebook
Rave Guardian Safety App
Patrolling the campus
Contacting USC Police Department
2. Crime on campus and areas where crime most frequently occurs
Residence Halls
Public Places
Parking Lots
Off Campus Locations
3. Problem areas for students
Alcoholic beverages
Fake ID's
Date rape drugs
4. Protecting your personal property
Photo copying important information in purse/wallet
Registering valuable electronic items with USC PD
Engraving identifying information on property
Registering and securing bicycles, scooter, and mopeds on campus
5. Protecting Yourself
Threats and Harassment
Identity Theft
Emergency Telephone Numbers
Emergency Call Box usage and locations
Safety Tips
Internet and Social Networking Safety
Cyber Crimes
Carolina Alert System
Safety Resources
6. Shuttle services Options
Day time
Night time
Five Points Shuttle
Law Enforcement
7. Building Security
Locking and Securing doors
Suspicious Activity in and around buildings on campus
8. Railroad Crossing Safety
9. Pedestrian Safety
Following pedestrian traffic rules
Walk in safe places
Be visible and staying alert

Presentation Length
50 minutes; 75 minutes;

Presenter Training
The presenters will be certified law enforcement officers with USC Division of Law Enforcement and Safety. The presenters are trained at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.