University 101 Programs

Decide It! Experience It! Live It! How the Career Center can Help You

Presentation Abstract
This presentation offers students an opportunity to be introduced to and connect to the Career Center. Students are challenged to think about their career-related goals, identify next steps or action items for accomplishing those goals, and are introduced to a career decision-making process for developing a four-year student plan. They are strongly encouraged to seek career-related experiences during their first year and learn how to identify resources to assist them in searching/preparing for experiential education opportunities. Students walk away understanding the value of such experiences.

University 101 Learning Outcomes

III d) Initiate a process toward the attainment of personal and professional goals and articulate potential pathways to employability.

This interactive presentation is centered around formulating a strategic career plan that begins the process of students positioning themselves for employability and career maturity. This strategic plan encompasses the above learning outcomes.

II b) Develop positive relationships with peers, staff, and faculty.

Students will be introduced to their Career Development Coach which will assist them in understanding how they can take advantage of personalized career services.

Presentation Learning Outcomes
As a result of this presentation, students will:
-Understand the career decision making process and apply it to their individual situations.
-Identify resources to assist them in searching/preparing for experiential education opportunities including job shadowing, externships, internships, cooperative education positions, part time/summer jobs, volunteering, study abroad, and undergraduate research.
-Recognize the importance of having a four year student plan and identify career related tasks that should be included in each year of their plans.
-Identify resources to assist them in career research, resume writing, interview preparation, and job search.

Presentation Outline
Career Services Overview
• Explanation of the “Decide it. Experience it. Live it.” Career Center services
• Overview and explanation of Career Center mission
What does career management entail?
Overview of the Employability Model

What’s out there? ACTIVITY - Fact or Crap
How do I fit? ACTIVITY - Guess the Job

Top 5 for This Year:
1. Activate Handshake Account- ACTIVITY: Handshake Scavenger Hunt
2. Meet Your Coach- ACTIVITY: Handshake Scavenger Hunt
3. Attend Career Events-ACTIVITY: Handshake Scavenger Hunt
4. Begin Developing Your Resume-Discuss the Makings of a Resume
5. Get Involved- DISCUSSION-Getting Involved: Peer Leadership, Student Organizations, Internships,
Co-Ops,Study Abroad, Research, Part-time Work, Community Service, and Graduation with Leadership Distinction
• What's my plan? ACTIVITY-Developing a four-year career plan


Presentation Length
50 minutes;

Presenter Training
All presenters will already have a strong foundation and content knowledge as it pertains to career development and management due to their everyday work experiences in the field. Additional training in presentation skills, rapport building, and class engagement will be conducted.