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Teaching Award Winners: (from left to right) Jeannie Weingarth, Viki  Fecas, Kim Smoak

M. Stuart Hunter Award for Outstanding Teaching in University 101 Award Winners at the 2016 Building Connections Conference: (from left to right) Viki Fecas, Lauren Brown, Stuart Hunter, Alisa Liggett, David DeWeil

M. Stuart Hunter Award for Outstanding Teaching in University 101 Criteria & Recipients

Award Criteria
Recipients of the University 101 Teaching Award are individuals who:
  • Help students achieve academic success, discover and connect with the University of South Carolina, and promote personal development, wellbeing, and social responsibility
  • Use interesting, interactive, and varied methods to facilitate student learning and achievement of course outcomes
  • Encourage and facilitate meaningful class discussions
  • Display enthusiasm for the course and students
  • Express care and concern for student success and wellbeing
  • Promote an inclusive, enjoyable, and welcoming environment and demonstrate respect for students
  • Develop meaningful relationships with students by being personable, approachable, and available both in and out of the classroom
  • Create an intentional and effective course design that reflects best practices and provide an appropriate balance of challenge and support
  • Demonstrate knowledge related to course content
  • Motivate and inspire others by their passion for learning and personal commitment to each student
  • Demonstrate a sustained commitment to professional growth as an instructor and to the University 101 program

Award Recipients

2016 - Alisa Liggett

2015 - Lauren Brown

2014 - David DeWeil

2013 - Viki Fecas

2012 - Kim Smoak

2011 - Andy Shaffer

2010 - Jeannie Weingarth