University 101 Programs

University 101 Program Review

The University 101 Program at the University of South Carolina conducted an internal review of the first-year seminar (UNIV101) during the fall 2008 semester. A Program Review Committee (PRC) was assembled and charged with providing recommendations about the future direction of UNIV101, including what the outcomes should be, how to best achieve them, and how to ensure greater consistency across sections while still giving individual instructors the necessary flexibility to be creative and authentic.

The PRC was convened in August 2008 and met for ten 2-hour sessions throughout the fall semester. The work of the PRC aimed to:

  • Clarify and refine the general goals for University 101 and create manageable and measurable learning outcomes for each goal
  • Make recommendation on which outcomes will be required of all sections
  • Make recommendation about how to align the outcomes with the curriculum (both process and content)
  • Make recommendation regarding the appropriate workload and level of rigor for UNIV101

After presenting the work of the PRC to the faculty, seven subcommittees were formed to develop recommendations and best practices surrounding six selected outcomes. These subcommittees were charged to make recommendations about what students should know, methodologies to help students learn it, and associated resources to support the outcomes.

Details of the processes and the work of the PRC and the subcommittees can be found in the University 101 Program Review Summary.