Photo: Arnold School of Public Health at a Glance

Arnold School of Public Health at a Glance

The Arnold School of Public Health works to improve the health of South Carolinians and people around the world through research, education and outreach programs focused on disease prevention, environmental health and access to health services.

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  • Infographic: Degrees Awarded: 477 Bachelor's, 171 Master's, 58 Doctorates, 2 Certificates
  • Infographic: 83 Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty, 36 Clinical Faculty, 18 Research Faculty
  • Infographic: 6 Departments
  • Infographic: 1,806 Undergraduate Students, 731 Graduate Students
  • Infographic: #1 ranked PhD Program (Exercise Science)
  • Infographic: 27% Male Students, 73% Female Students
  • Infographic: 4 SmartState Centers
  • Infographic: 485 peer-reviewed journal articles in 2014
  • Infographic: $35.9 Million in Research Funding

Statistics are from the most recent available academic year.