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School of Medicine Greenville

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Student Success

Student Success Initiatives are the USC School of Medicine Greenville’s established resources for academic success and personal wellness that students can access throughout their education. The school’s stimulating faculty, dedicated academic coaches, knowledgeable tutors and compassionate student affairs professionals are all excellent sources of support and coaching.


Academic Coaching

The Academic Coaching program is for all students who want to maximize their academic success and personal growth. Academic Coaches are committed to supporting students’ success in medical school and are tasked with ensuring that all students are aware of and connected with the resources they need.


One-on-One, Small Group, Workshops and Large Group session tutoring activities are available to assist medical students to improve their understanding of instructional material and promote appropriate study habits.  This program encourages effective team interations and provides support for rentention of materials in preparation for NBME Step 1.

Referral Services

In addition to providing support, Academic Coaches and Student Success staff can also point students to the necessary resources beyond their service.



Student Success Leadership