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Department of Psychology

Our People

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Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Faculty Almor, Amit Associate Professor 803-777-4302 Psychology,Linguistics
Faculty Armstead, Cheryl A. Associate Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Staff Asefnia, Nakisa Graduate Student 803-777-4137 graduate student Psychology
Staff Austin, Barbara Research Associate Psychology
Faculty Becker, Kimberly Assistant Professor 803-777-8808 Psychology
Faculty Bezuidenhout, Anne Professor of Philosophy & Linguistics 803-777-4166 Linguistics,Philosophy,Psychology
Faculty Booze, Rosemarie M. Professor Bicentennial Endowed Chair of Behavioral Neuroscience 803-777-7570 Psychology
Staff Brockington, Caitlyn Student Services Program Coordinator 803-777-7674 Psychology
Faculty Burnette, Michele Clinical Associate Professor 803-734-0378 Psychology
Faculty Cai, Chao Research Associate Part-Time Instructor 803-978-7412 Statistics,Psychology
Staff Callaham, Miriam Administrative Coordinator 803-777-8606 Psychology
Faculty Cornish, Kim Professor Psychology
Faculty Decker, Scott Associate Professor Director of School Psychology Program 803-777-2836 Psychology
Faculty Desai, Rutvik Harshad Associate Professor 803-777-9029 Psychology
Faculty Drasgow, Erik Professor Psychology
Faculty Fairchild, Amanda J. Associate Professor 803-777-5756 Psychology
Faculty Flory, Kate H. Professor 803-777-4235 Psychology
Faculty Fridriksson, Julius Professor Psychology
Staff Glasser, Dianne Administrative Specialist II 803-734-0386 Psychology
Faculty Green, Jessica Assistant Professor 803-777-4595 Psychology
Faculty Greer-Medley, Tawanda M Professor Psychology
Faculty Habing, Brian Associate Professor Distributed Learning Director 803-777-3578 Statistics,Psychology
Faculty Halliday-Boykins, Colleen Assistant Professor Psychology
Faculty Harrod, Steven B. Professor 803-777-4373 Psychology
Staff Hatton, Rachal Research Associate 803-978-7534 Psychology
Staff Headley-Greenlaw, June Research Associate 803-777-5452 Psychology
Staff Heller, Robert IT Manager 803-777-1239 Psychology
Faculty Hills, Kimberly Clinical Associate Professor 803-777-7616 Psychology
Staff Hogan, Abigail Post-Doctoral Fellow 803-777-5676 Psychology
Faculty Huebner, Scott Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty January, Stacy-Ann A. Assistant Professor 803-777-2418 Psychology
Faculty Karnath, Hans-Otto Professor Psychology
Faculty Kelly, Sandra J Carolina Trustee Professor 803-777-2808 provost, kelly Psychology
Staff Kim, Jongwan Post-Doctoral Fellow Institute for Mind and Brain Psychology
Faculty Kirasic, Kathleen C. Associate Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Kitchen, MiKi Instructor Psychology
Faculty Kloos, Bret Professor Director of Clinical Community Program 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Landoll, Ryan Professor Psychology
Faculty Levens, Neil Senior Instructor 803-777-6751 Psychology
Staff Li, Hailong Research Associate 803-777-3568 Psychology
Faculty Mactutus, Charles F. Professor 803-777-2825 Psychology
Faculty Malone, Patrick S. Associate Professor Psychology
Faculty Manes, Facundo Professor Psychology
Faculty Maydeu-Olivares, Alberto Professor Department Chair 803-777-6228 Psychology
Faculty McCall, Mike Instructor 803- 777-7152 Psychology
Faculty McQuillin, Samuel Assistant Professor 803-777-6725 Psychology
Staff Merck, Rhea A. Instructor Psychology
Staff Miller, Elaine Research Associate 803-777-2082 Psychology
Staff Miller, Wende Administrative Assistant 803-777-4138 Psychology
Faculty Morris, Robin K. Professor 803-777-4137 Linguistics,Psychology
Staff Morrison, Sherry Business Manager 803-777-4235 Psychology
Faculty Motes, Patricia Adjunct Research Professor Psychology
Faculty Newman-Norlund, Roger Assistant Professor Psychology
Staff Osenga, Michele Administrative Specialist II 803-734-0378 Psychology
Staff Outen, Connie Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator 803-777-2483 Psychology
Faculty Palomares, Melanie Instructor 803-777-5453 Psychology
Faculty Paternite, Carl Professor Psychology
Faculty Peters, Sara Assistant Professor Psychology
Faculty Posey, Mark Associate Professor Psychology
Faculty Prinz, Ron Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Randel, Allison Professor Psychology
Staff Reeder, Tilda Graduate Student Services Coordinator 803-777-2312 Psychology
Staff Reilly, Megan Post-Doctoral Fellow Psychology
Faculty Richards, John Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Roberts, Jane Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Rorden, Chris Professor Smart State Chair 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Sanders, Matthew Professor Psychology
Faculty Schatz, Jeffrey Associate Professor 803-777-4137 Psychology
Faculty Shapiro, Cheri Associate Professor Psychology
Staff Shi, Dexin Post-Doctoral Fellow 803-777-6529 Psychology
Faculty Shinkareva, Svetlana Associate Professor 803-777-6189 Psychology
Staff Siceloff, Becky Research Associate Psychology
Faculty Smith, Bradley H. Adjunct Professor Psychology
Staff Stevens, Michael Laboratory Technician 803-777-3293 Psychology
Faculty Swan, Suzanne Associate Professor 803-777-4200 Women's and Gender Studies,Psychology
Staff Sweeney, Allison Post-Doctoral Fellow 803-978-7501 Psychology
Faculty Van Horn, M. Lee Assistant Professor Psychology
Faculty Vendemia, Jennifer M. C. Associate Professor 803-777-5049 Psychology
Faculty Warren, Mary Ellen Associate Professor Psychology
Faculty Wedell, Douglas H. Professor Director, Institute for Mind and Brain 803-777-4263 Psychology
Faculty Weist, Mark Professor 803-777-8438 Psychology
Faculty Wilcox, Sara Professor Psychology
Faculty Wilson, Dawn Professor 803-576-9070 Psychology
Faculty Wilson, Marlene Professor Psychology
Faculty Yell, Mitchell Professor Psychology
Faculty Youngstedt, Shawn Associate Professor Psychology
Faculty Zarrett, Nicole Associate Professor 803-777-2970 Psychology
Staff van Dam, Wessel Post-Doctoral Fellow 803-665-8659 Psychology