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Department of History


Studying history gives you a window to the world. It makes you a critical thinker, gives you a well-informed lens for current events, and helps you understand other cultures on a deep level. When you study at the University of South Carolina you'll be exposed to amazing faculty, hands-on research, and study abroad options. 

Courses of Study

We offer both a B.A. and a minor course of study. You can find our course schedule and program descriptions in the academic bulletin


B.A with Distinction 

The Bachelor of Arts with Distinction for history majors requires a rigorous course of study above and beyond that required of a traditional history student.  

  • Maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Maintain 3.6 major GPA.
  • Complete an additional 9 hours of history courses at the 200-level or higher (maximum of two 200-level courses may count toward the History major).
  • Notify the professor of your senior seminar or senior thesis in writing of your intention to pursue a degree “with distinction” and complete to the professor’s satisfaction the additional research necessary for work “with distinction”.
  • Publicly present your research project at Discovery Day.
  1. Fill out our online application.
  2. Print and sign a B.A. with Distinction contract [pdf]
  3. Print and sign a senior seminar thesis contract [pdf].

The senior seminar or senior thesis B.A. with Distinction contract should be signed by the student and thesis advisor/seminar instructor.

All contracts must be submitted to the History Undergraduate Coordinator in Gambrell Hall Rm# 245.


Personal Advising 

We have two dedicated student-services staff members in our department. They're happy to advise you on course and career advising, study abroad, internship opportunities, and anything else you need to make your time in the history department more rewarding. 

We also work hard to make sure all our students are able to take the classes that are interesting to them. If a class is full, you can fill out our seat availability form and be notified if a spot opens.