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Palmetto College

Business Administration

Course Listing

Principles of Marketing MKTG 350 - Principles of Marketing (Credits: 3) BADM 350

Principles and concepts underlying marketing functions, including the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products and services and the role of marketing in society.

Business Finance (Credits: 3) BADM 363

Basic concepts of finance related to decision making.

Principles of Management & Leadership (Credits: 3) BADM 371

A comprehensive survey of the basic principles of management applicable to all forms of business. The course provides the student with a basis for thinking about complex business situations in the framework of analysis of the management process.

Societal, Legal & Ethical Aspects of Business (Credits: 3) BADM 379

International Business (Credits: 3) BADM 383

Frameworks, tools, and factual knowledge useful for understanding the institutional and competitive environment and managerial challenges of firms engaged in international business. Restricted to business administration majors.

Management Information Systems (Credits: 3) BADM 390

Introduction to business information systems (BIS) and related information technologies. Topics include hardware, software, database, telecommunications, and the Internet. Introduction to the planning, development, and management of BIS in organizations.

Strategic Management (Credits: 3) BADM 478

A study of the formulation and application of functionally integrated business policy by top management. Emphasis is on decision making in the face of changing condition.

Business Writing (Credits: 3) BADM/ENGL 345

Extensive practice in different types of business writing, from brief letters to formal articles and reports.

Human Resource Management (Credits: 3) MGMT 374

A survey of the major approaches used in managing human resources. Covers selection, compensation, legal compliance, discipline, organizational restructuring, TQM, motivation, labor relations, and performance management.

Organization Behavior (Credits: 3) MGMT 376

Introduction to human behavior in organizations. Emphasis on factors that contribute to the effectiveness of individuals and groups in organizations.

Mgmt & Operation of Small Business (Credits: 3) MGMT 473

Analysis of proposed business opportunities; planning and establishing a business organization to exploit an opportunity; management of small business.

Production/Operations Management (Credits: 3) MGMT 475

A study of the strategic, operating, and control decisions involved in manufacturing and service organizations. Topics include forecasting, process development, production technology, resource allocation, facility planning, facility layout, planning systems, inventory systems, resource requirements planning systems, shop floor planning, scheduling operations, just-in-time manufacturing, materials management, productivity control, quality management, quality control, project management, and maintenance management.

Organization Theory (Credits: 3) MGMT 477

A conceptual framework for the orderly analysis of management functions through studies in organization planning and control theories.

Labor Relations (Credits: 3) MGMT 378

A study of the development and methods of labor unions and employee associations in organization. Labor disputes, collective bargaining techniques, contents of contracts and public policies are analyzed from the standpoints of economics and law. Topics covered in detail include employee representation, company unions, strikes, boycotts, lockouts, and trade agreements.

International Management (Credits: 3) MGMT 411

This course will apply the basic principles of management and leadership to the firm operating internationally. Emphasis is placed on the management functions of leading, planning, organizing, and controlling, as well as the conduct of labor relations, within the framework of a multicultural environment.

e-Business Management (Credits: 3) MGMT 442

This course provides a fundamental understanding of the issues for management of an e-business. It encompasses an overview of the essential components necessary in conducting business over the internet. Topics covered include an e-business plan and an implementation strategy, e-commerce issues, Web design and content issues, customer relationship management, business intelligence issues, e-marketing concepts, enterprise resource management, supply-chain management, and global dimensions of e-business.

Project Management (Credits: 3) BADM 494

Management of projects including justification, planning, scheduling, monitoring, controlling, and auditing. The course makes extensive use of project management information systems.

Entrepreneurship (Credits: 3) BADM 380