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Palmetto College

Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Faculty Abdalla, John Adjunct Instructor of History 803-777-8155 Extended University
Staff Banks, Tammy Applications Analysts II 803-777-9133 Student Enrollment Services
Staff Blackwell, Bridget Associate Director 803-777-4800 Palmetto College Central Financial Aid Office
Staff Brown, Shirley Academic Advisor 803-777-8810 USC Fort Jackson
Staff Carrano, Jean Faculty Senate/Academic Affairs Coordinator 803-777-1460
Staff Darby, Jason Director 803-777-8645 Marketing and Communications
Staff DeWolf, Chris Senior Director 803-777-9303 Development
Staff Downing, Sher, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor, eLearning - Palmetto College | Assistant Professor, Extended University 803-576-6045
Staff Dyer, Bob Director 803-777-8294 Information Technology
Faculty Elkins, Susan, Ph.D. Chancellor 803-777-7695
Faculty Elliott, Julia, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, English 803-777-9356
Staff English , Amanda Lucas Associate Director 803-777-8155 Admissions Palmetto College
Staff Ferrell, Kim Administrative Coordinator 803-777-8155 Extended University
Faculty Fritz, Kathleen, Ph.D. Senior Instructor of Foreign Languages - French and Spanish 803-777-8155 Extended University
Faculty Hjelm, Mary, Ph.D. Professor of English 803-777-6666 Extended University
Staff Hollins, Victoria Human Resources 803-777-4025
Faculty Hudson, Janet, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History Associate Faculty Director for Innovative Teaching 803-777-9474 Extended University
Faculty Hunter, David, Ph.D. Senior Fellow 803-777-9450
Faculty Jones, R. Mac, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English 803-777-8155 Extended University
Faculty Jones, Shelley AJ, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English 803-576-5781 Extended University
Staff Lambert, Chris Student Services Coordinator Recruiter 803-576-6003 Student Enrollment Services
Faculty Lehn, Melody, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Speech Communication Affiliate Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies 803-777-2209 Extended University
Staff Lowe, Melissa Director of Student Support and Advising 803-777-8155 Extended University
Staff Lowe, Stephen, Ph.D. Director of Liberal Studies and Organizational Leadership Assistant Professor of History 803-777-0588 Extended University
Staff McAllister, Tabatha, Ph.D. Associate Chancellor 803-777-4800 Student Enrollment Services
Faculty Mckay, Orren Instructor 803-450-0022 Extended University
Faculty Nesmith, Chris, Ph.D. Associate Provost Dean 803-777-8155 Extended University
Faculty Rashotte, Matthew, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology 803-777-5547 Extended University
Staff Richardson, Rosalind Program Coordinator 803-777-4800 Palmetto College Central Financial Aid
Faculty Saucier, Patrick Instructor of Sociology 803-777-8155 Extended University
Staff Sims, Lillian Assistant Director 803-777-4800 Palmetto College Central Financial Aid Office
Staff Taylor-Colbert, Alice, Ph.D. Director 803-777-1430 Innovation
Staff Vise, Connie Director 803-782-8810 USC Fort Jackson
Faculty Vittes, Elliot, Ph.D. Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer Associate Professor, Political Science 803-777-9396
Staff Yarborough, Summer Executive Assistant 803-777-7695