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High school commencements begin at Colonial Life Arena

It’s high school graduation season once again and University of South Carolina students, faculty and staff should prepare for heavier than normal traffic near the Colonial Life Arena.

2016 faculty award winners

University of South Carolina faculty members are internationally recognized for their teaching and research, but sometimes it’s the accolades that come from those who know you best that mean the most. Twenty five faculty members were honored this year with awards.

Devine Street pedestrian traffic

The city of Columbia has closed a portion of Devine Street from the railroad to Pulaski Street because of construction at the Palmetto Compress site.

Evening shuttle to run during summer sessions

The Hot Spots Evening Route will run Monday through Friday from 6 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. during summer sessions.

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Stories for Students

Linda Shimizu

Shimizu has passion for chemistry and teaching

Linda Shimizu fell in love with science at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, but she fell in love with teaching as a grad assistant at MIT. The University of South Carolina chemistry professor has been named the 2016 Mungo undergraduate teacher of the year – one of the university’s most prestigious teaching awards.

Aaron Provence

Channeling research success

Aaron Provence’s doctoral research in the South Carolina College of Pharmacy might be focused on a very specific disorder, overactive bladder, but he hopes that the insight he’s gaining as a research scientist might have even wider medical impact.

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