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Career Center: Guiding Gamecocks to Success

The mission of the Career Center is to “educate and empower students in their development of lifelong career management skills.” Career Center staff members are dedicated to teaching students how to use the tools and resources available so that they can more easily navigate big career decisions.


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Nursing student realizes dream with graduation

When Emily Bethea walks across the commencement stage Monday, it will mark the completion of a dream that began more than a decade ago, as she watched over her mother and infant brother in the hospital.

Brittany VanderBeek

A revolutionary rivalry

Graduate business student Brittany VanderBeek was put on a project of epic proportions during her internship at Michelin: Bring Carolina and Clemson students together to help reduce waste at a tire manufacturer. Next semester, the first joint class of students will begin working on solutions thanks to VanderBeek's hard work.

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