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Our Invitation to You

The National Resource Center is pleased to now offer online courses on current topics related to the first-year experience and students in transition. Online courses are designed to come as close as possible to providing students with the same course content and opportunities for interaction with classmates and with the instructor as traditional or classroom-based courses as well as take advantage of pedagogy and teaching techniques that are not possible or uncommon in a traditional format. Our online courses will take place during a four-week period with the majority of instruction occurring in an asynchronous environment. Asynchronous instruction is neither timebound nor place-bound and does not require the simultaneous participation of all students and instructors. It utilizes toolssuch as email, threaded discussions/forums, listservs, and blog.

Transitions of the Collegiate Athlete

Talea Drummer
Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Academic Services
Kent State University


Talea Drummer
Talea Drummer is the Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Academic Services at Kent State University in Kent, OH. She has the responsibility of overseeing the Career Development initiatives as well as the programming for at-risk student-athletes at Kent State. Additionally, Drummer supervises the graduate interns that works in the office and coordinates the academic efforts for the football team. Drummer is also an adjunct faculty member in the Sport Administration department at Kent State University teaching a course on the governance of sports. Her research has reviewed sophomore student-athletes and their unique needs. Prior to Kent State, Drummer worked as a first-year advisor at her undergraduate alma mater, Miami University, where she oversaw the daily operations of the building and academically advised freshmen that lived in her residence hall, which was themed RedHawk Traditions: History, Traditions & Athletics and hosed a number of Miami’s student-athletes.

Drummer earned her bachelor’s degree in Family Studies from Miami University in 2006, her master’s degree in College Student Personnel from the University of Louisville in 2008, and is a proud alum of Kent State earning her doctorate in 2014.


This course will review the various transitions that may occur within the NCAA Athlete experience such as transitioning from high school to college as well as transitioning into eligibility requirements entering into particular semesters. It will evaluate the role of sport with the student-athlete experience. The course will provide an introductory analysis of the athletic experience through the lens of Division-I, -II, and -III athletes. Finally it will allow participants the opportunity to share views of working with student-athletes and gain a better understanding of how to support them.


  1. Recognize the differences in divisions within NCAA and the effects on the athlete experience
  2. Review various transitions of the collegiate athlete
  3. Recognize influences on collegiate sports related to student-athletes
  4. Identify ways of further support for the collegiate athlete

Fostering First-Year Student Success

Stephanie M. Foote, Ph.D.
Director, Master of Science in First-Year Studies
Associate Professor of Education
Department of First-Year and Transition Studies
Kennesaw State University


Stephanie M. Foote
Stephanie M. Foote is the Director of the Master of Science in First-Year Studies and an Associate Professor of Education in the Department of First-Year and Transition Studies at Kennesaw State University. Prior to this, she was the administrator for academic success and the first-year experience at the University of South Carolina Aiken. Foote has published and presented on her research on the role of first-year seminars and experiential pedagogy on student engagement in the early college experience, college students in transition, self-authorship development in transfer students, and student engagement in online learning environments. She is a past recipient of the NODA Outstanding Research Award for her dissertation study of the perceived effects of first-year seminar participation on the experience of students in their first semester of college, and she is the recipient of the McGraw-Hill Excellence in Teaching First-Year Seminars award. Additionally, Foote is a guest co-editor the Spring 2015 special "Fostering Success for Students in Transition" issue of the Journal of College and Student University Housing, she currently serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice (JSARP), and is the editor for the Journal of College Orientation and Transition (JCOT).


This course is designed to engage participants in an exploration of the fundamental aspects of first-year student success. Drawing from multiple perspectives, participants in the course will be challenged to: a) move beyond generational characteristics to fully understand who first year students are and what issues potentially impact their success; b) apply the information generated through readings, reflective assignments, and discussion to innovate practices aimed at fostering first-year student success; and c) develop a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods that can be used to measure first-year student success.


As a result of completing in this course, participants will

1. Participants will identify issues that impact the success of first-year students on their campus.
2. Participants will develop strategies and transform existing practices to encourage first-year student success.
3. Participants will understand how to use qualitative and quantitative methods to measure first-year student success.

Required Textbook and Additional Readings

The following book is required for this course.

Upcraft, M. L., Gardner, J. N., & Barefoot, B. O. (2005). Challenging & supporting the
first-year student: A handbook for improving the first year of college. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Articles and excerpts from journals, including several from the Journal of The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, and other web-based resources will be provided in WebStudy. Additionally, optional readings have been identified and will be posted in each module for participants who wish to further explore concepts discussed in the context of this class.

Participants will earn 1.5 continuing education units.