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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Types of Aid

Types of Aid

The University of South Carolina offers all of the four general aid types: Scholarships, Grants, Student Employment and Loans.

Usually awarded to recognize meritorious accomplishment or special talents, scholarships typically don't require repayment as long as eligibility qualifications and required academic criteria are maintained.

Similar to scholarships, grants are also gift aid that doesn't need to be repaid; they are usually awarded to recognize financial need or economic difficulty.

There are numerous part-time student employment opportunities at USC. Our office awards student employment through the Federal Work-Study program; positions may be on campus or in non-profit community service organizations. If you are not awarded Work-Study, you may consider other student employment opportunities that are listed on the University Career Center's webpage

Loans are funds that will have to be repaid; interest and repayment options vary according to the program through which you borrow.

You may use this section of our website to learn about the various aid programs that we administer.