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Scholarship Appeal Policy for General University and Financial Aid Committee Scholarships


This policy provides for a formal appeal when a student's scholarship is not renewed because he or she has failed to achieve the 3.00 USC grade point average required for renewal from one year to the next.  The scholarships that may be appealed under this policy include only General University Scholarships (those awarded through the Undergraduate Admissions Office to incoming freshmen) and Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee (SFAC) Scholarships (those awarded through the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships in the name of that committee).

Procedures for implementing this policy will include that:

  1. Scholarship recipients' grades are reviewed for the purpose of determining continuing eligibility each year at the conclusion of the spring semester.
  2. Students not meeting the renewal 3.00 USC grade point average will receive notification that their scholarship eligibility has been suspended.  This notification will indicate that the student should attend summer school* in order to regain that eligibility requirement.  Further, it will disclose that if he or she is unable to resolve the eligibility concern for renewal through summer school enrollment that this appeal opportunity is available for certain qualifying conditions.
  3. Each student will be allowed only one processed appeal.  Second or subsequent appeals will not be accepted for consideration.
  4. The appeal will be addressed to the University Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee and presented to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships in writing.  Appeals will be accompanied by the appropriate documentation designated within the policy and by the due date indicated within the notification of suspension.
  5. An appeal will only be honored for a low grade point average; appeals from students failing to meet other eligibility requirements such as failing to file a leave of absence request for a semester when enrollment is not possible will not be considered.
  6. Conditions for which an appeal will be accepted:
  • documented serious health condition of the appellant – to include illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition resulting in a period of incapacity requiring absence from classes (documentation to include a statement by a medical authority supporting the appeal and explaining the serious health condition and how the condition necessitated absences from classes)
  • documented trauma upon the appellant (documentation to include legal, medical, law enforcement, etc., report noting the occurrence of a sudden or uncontrollable event which adversely affected the student’s academic performance)
  • documented death or serious health condition of an immediate family member of the appellant; immediate family to include mother, father, sibling, spouse, or child (documentation to include death certificate, public notice of the death, or statement by a doctor supporting the serious health condition)
  • documented call to the appellant to military active duty; military training not included (documentation will be appropriate military paperwork)
  1. Conditions for which an appeal will not be accepted includes but is not limited to:
  • issues related to general college adjustment
  • issues related to adjustment to a specific class/classes or a specific professor/professors
  • issues related to roommate or housing situations or to personal/family relationship issues with another individual including separation or divorce
  • issues related to a change in college or major
  • issues related to employment
  • failure to request a leave of absence during a semester away from the University
  1. All appeals will be reviewed in the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships to determine which meet the appealable conditions as outlined in this policy.
  2. Accepted appeals will be reviewed by members of the Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee who will be convened to approve or disapprove them.  Appeals will be decided by a majority of the members attending the appeal meeting.
  3. All approved appeals will be required to regain complete eligibility by the end of the following summer school term or term designated by the Student Financial Aid Committee.
  4. The decision of the Committee will be final.
  5. All filers will be notified in writing of: appeal approval; appeal disapproval; or appeal not accepted for consideration.
*In order for summer school enrollment to affect the USC grade point average, attendance must be within the USC system.