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Study finds new pathway for treating non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Researchers from the University of South Carolina, Duke University, University of Alabama at Birmingham and Metabolon Inc. Research Triangle Park have discovered a new way to treat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease—a condition that affects up to 25 percent of the population and may lead to cirrhosis and eventually liver cancer or failure.

Residence halls closing for winter break

Students living in certain residence halls should make plans as they will be closing for the winter break.

UofSC wins diversity award for fifth consecutive year

INSIGHT Into Diversity named the University of South Carolina a recipient of their diversity and inclusion award for the fifth straight year.

2 UofSC professors named AAAS Fellows

University of South Carolina sociology professor Douglas Anderton and chemistry professor Stephen Morgan have been named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Election as a AAAA fellow is among the most prestigious honors awarded in academia.

Pastides announces new leadership posts

USC President Harris Pastides announced on Monday hiring for three key leadership posts, including chancellor of USC Upstate, Board of Trustee secretary and chief information officer for the Columbia campus.

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Stories for Faculty and Staff


Nursing student realizes dream with graduation

When Emily Bethea walks across the commencement stage Monday, it will mark the completion of a dream that began more than a decade ago, as she watched over her mother and infant brother in the hospital.


Peak performance

When he’s not working to save the Amazon, Tom Mullikin climbs mountains, hikes volcanoes, dives with sharks, explores the effects of climate change, leads the S.C. State Guard ... and occasionally sits in a rocking chair in his Camden, S.C., law office.

talbot brewer

Understanding the humanities and happiness with Talbot Brewer

What are the keys to happiness? What is the meaning of life? Philosopher and University of Virginia professor Talbot Brewer will discuss how to find these answers in the humanities in a public talk Dec. 14. The event is offered as part of a $2.1 million funded grant project titled, “Virtue, Happiness and the Meaning of Life,” which is co-directed by Carolina philosopher Jennifer Frey.

WWII platoon

The day everything changed

Franklin D. Roosevelt called it “a date which will live in infamy” — Dec. 7, 1941, the day Japan attacked the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor, dragging America into a cataclysmic world war and dramatically altering the course of history. For USC students like Jim Pearce, the event had personal ramifications, as the immediate effect of the Sunday morning attack changed the mood on campus from pre-holiday gaiety to frenetic patriotism.

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