GRAPES: GRid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems

Governing Policies

The following policies govern digital media and copyright protected materials at the University of South Carolina:

The following sites provide additional information about governing policies and copyrighted materials:

Copyright in general

DMCA specifically

Copyright owners and/or their representatives

Defending Yourself

  • "How Not To Get Sued By The RIAA For File-Sharing"
    From the Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF). A thorough instructional site to help people protect themselves from being sued by the RIAA or individual artists. Provides links to sites with easy to follow instructions as to how to un-share files and protect yourself if you use any of the file sharing programs they have listed.
  • Pew Internet and American Life
    The information from their July 2003 study of Music Downloading, File-sharing and Copyright provides informative data and statistics about internet users,their sentiments towards copyright infringement and demographics of those internet users and their downloading percentages.
  • Subpoena Defense
    This site is a resource for individuals who have been subpoenaed for copyright infringement and information regarding a defense to the charges. People can also check the database there to see if their IP address or user name has been listed for a future subpoena.
  • "Copyright Resources on the Web"
    From Humboldt State University Library, this site lists copyright law links broken down into general guides, music, copyright permission and plagiarism.
  • "Let the Music Play"
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation web site is a site dedicated to the battle against anti-MP3 legislation and provides information regarding solutions and prevention to the lawsuits of peer-to-peer sharing networks.
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