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homecoming parade float

5 ways to enjoy Carolina homecoming

Homecoming week has a little something for everyone, including Carolina’s faculty and staff members. Here are five ways to make the most out of the 2017 homecoming celebration.

Raphael lee

Distinguished Alumni Award: Raphael Lee, '71

Raphael Lee, a pioneering plastic surgeon and biomedical engineer, has focused his medical research on tissue injury and repair, therapeutic control of scar formation and reconstructive surgery.

Rural outreach

A rural outreach

Improving rural health is a key focus for USC’s College of Nursing, which has initiatives in place to address rural health disparities, improve mental health access and respect cultural differences in health care decision making.

Lava flows in the Galapagos

Gamecocks in the Galápagos

For the second year in a row, UofSC is taking students to one of the rarest classrooms in the world: the Galapagos Islands. The cross-disciplinary study abroad program offers diverse lessons, but the overarching theme is sustainability.

Brandon Harrison in class

Advancing educational equity for African-American children

Rapping the words to the U.S. Constitution might seem odd — unless you’re a student in one of Brandon Harrison’s classes. Harrison, and other public school teachers, are collaborating with education professors here at Carolina to identify which methods work best when teaching African-American students.

Ross Lordo

Setting a foundation

Ross Lordo knew he wanted to be a leader from the moment he completed high school. Now, after four years of serving in student government, the Fort Mill native is spending his senior year serving at the highest student government position — student body president.

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