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University Technology Services

Service Agreements

Virtual Server

University Technology Services provides virtual server environments for colleges and departments. Virtual servers offer the same or enhanced performance of standard hardware servers at considerable savings over traditional server systems. All UTS virtual servers are housed and maintained 24x7 at the secure UTS Data Center.


UTS teams will work with colleges and departments to help determine specific needs and requirements of each virtual server covered. In addition, UTS will:

  1. Meet and discuss general requirements to determine if a Virtual Server SA is a viable solution.
  2. Designate departmental contacts and/or network administrators from the department or college.
  3. Provide professional and technical UTS support staff to coordinate work with departmental contacts to resolve issues related to the covered virtual server(s).
  4. Provide support through the UTS Service Desk at 803-777-1800, M-F 8AM to 6PM (dependent upon the type of support package requested).

Standard Configuration:

UTS installs, configures and maintains the hardware, operating systems, virus protection, security patches and supported software for virtual servers covered by a Virtual Server Service Agreement with Silver or Gold Support. Bronze Support is available for departments who chose to manage all aspects of the operating systems, virtual protection and security patches.

Virtual Server Support Packages




Firewall Protection
Virtual Server Image level backups (up to 400 GB in size)  
Virtual Server Failover
Basic System Monitoring (Ping, CPU, Disk Space, Memory)  
Operating System Updates  
File and Database Level Managed Backups  
Monitoring, Notification and Response  
Monday-Friday 8:30 – 5:00 Support    
24 x 7 Support    
  Memory Storage      
Small 2GB 10GB $60 $210 $360
Medium 3GB 30GB $80 $230 $380
Large 4GB 60GB $125 $275 $425
Custom 5+GB Custom Call for prices 803-777-1800
  • Incremental storage is $0.20 per GB per month
  • Incremental memory is $25 per GB per month

Hardware & Software:

  • Windows Server
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Service Metric:

The UTS performance objective is 99% uptime excluding scheduled maintenance times. UTS strives to make servers available 24-hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. However, server access is dependent upon network infrastructure, DNS services and data center power and cooling, all of which can impact uptime. Scheduled maintenance and downtime will be communicated through the IT Connection, .


Billing is done on a monthly basis. See above chart for costs. Disk space usage and data backup will be monitored on a monthly basis. Customers will be notified if their storage space exceeds the initial allotment. Customers will not be billed for additional disk space unless they exceed their allocated disk space for 2 consecutive months.

Current cost is based on 2010-2011 University of South Carolina rates. Costs are subject to change based on ongoing financial evaluations. Prior notification of rate changes will be provided 30-days in advance to all affected customers. Click here for an entire list of UTS Rates.


UTS will be responsible for the nightly database and server backup. Restorations resulting from server hardware failure are made at no charge. Site restorations at the customer request will be billed at the standard UTS Labor Rate of $75/per hour. Individual data backups are retained for a period of 30 days from date of creation.

Restricted Data:

Data categorized as Restricted Data may not be housed in a server placed under this Server SA unless a security assessment is performed, and the data storage is approved by the data steward.

Restricted Data items are defined as data that the University of South Carolina is required by law to protect, or where the compromise of the data could lead to significant negative/undesired consequences. Access will be limited to authorized employees who are mandated to protect it. Employees who have access to this data cannot disclose or use the data without explicit approval of the data steward for the designated purpose.

Restricted Data includes, but is not limited to student, medical, or Human Resources records; Social Security numbers, personnel records, or identifiable personal Information; financial transactions, donor records, credit card data, or information on prospective students. UTS performs periodic scans for restricted data to ensure compliance.


Please contact our UTS Service Desk at (803) 777-1800 or use our Self-Service Portal.