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University Technology Services

Service Agreements

Virtual Server

Division of Information Technology (DoIT) provides a server environment utilizing an enterprise virtualization platform running on fault tolerant, high performance enterprise hardware. The virtual server service provides customers with several options depending on their needs. Customers can choose their preferred operating system (Windows or Red Hat Enterprise Linux). Server configurations can be customized by choosing the CPU, RAM and disk allocations that meet your application requirements.

Teams are able to run their application, database and web servers in a secure, fault tolerant and high-performance data center. The Virtual Server service provides customers with a low cost alternative to maintaining their own data center, server farm or physical hardware. 

Virtual Servers are provisioned based on the specifications the customer needs, including hardware configuration, firewall rules, network interfaces, etc. As the customer’s needs grow, DoIT provides an easy way for customers to request additional resources to be added to the server.

Virtual Server Configuration

A single virtual server is provisioned per each Virtual Server Service Agreement. Each virtual server is configured based on the options the customer has selected in the following areas: Operating System, Hardware and Management.

Operating System

Customers can choose between the following operating systems for their virtual server:

Windows (Current release)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Current release)


Customers can select the hardware configuration for each virtual server depending on their needs. Additional hardware resources can be added to an existing server for additional monthly fees based on the unit cost of each hardware unit.

CPU: Allocated in 1 core increments
RAM: Allocated in 1 GB increments
Disk Space: Allocated in 1 GB increments


DoIT provides the management of the operating system. DoIT staff will monitor the overall health and network connectivity of the server.  The installation and maintenance of virus protection software and operating system (OS) patches is included free of charge.

Included Software

Anti-virus and anti-intrusion software is included on each provisioned virtual server at no additional charge. This additional software must remain installed and functioning on each provisioned virtual server under the Virtual Server Service Agreement.

Backup and Recovery

DoIT utilizes an enterprise level backup solution with proven reliability and security. Backups are taken every night of the week to ensure that user data is protected. These nightly backups are also replicated to multiple locations with an additional tape copy of the Full backups being sent off-site once a week. Backup data is retained for a period of 30 days. This data retention period allows DoIT to provide data recovery services for user’s who experience data loss anytime within that 30-day window.

Data recovery requests are free of charge and are available Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 5pm by contacting the DoIT Service Desk at 803-777-1800.

Included Value-Added Services

DoIT provides 24 x 7 support for the data center environment including power (primary and backup power), cooling (including primary and backup cooling systems), fire suppression, physical security, as well as the hardware infrastructure of the virtual server environment.

DoIT will respond to any power/environmental/hardware infrastructure alert/outage immediately upon notification of an issue. DoIT ensures that the hardware infrastructure is also maintained and patched on a routine basis to ensure the infrastructure remains up to date.

Customer Responsibility

DoIT does not support individual applications running on the virtual server. The customer or department should ensure that application level issues can be resolved by application specialists. If an application or service outside of the operating system or hardware infrastructure is determined to be the cause of an alert/outage, DoIT will communicate with the designed customer or departmental contact for escalation. DoIT team members can assist the customer in resolving the application issue for an additional hourly charge of $125.00 per hour.

Restricted Data

Data categorized as Restricted Data may not be housed in a server placed under this Server SA unless a security assessment is performed, and the data storage is approved by the data steward. Restricted Data items are defined as data that the University of South Carolina is required by law to protect, or where the compromise of the data could lead to significant negative/undesired consequences. Access will be limited to authorized employees who are mandated to protect it. Employees who have access to this data cannot disclose or use the data without explicit approval of the data steward for the designated purpose.

Including, but not limited to: Student, medical, or Human Resources records; Social Security numbers, Personnel Records, or identifiable personal Information; financial transactions, donor records, credit card data, or information on prospective students. DoIT performs periodic scans for restricted data to ensure compliance.


Virtual Server

Server Base cost: $100 per virtual server
Includes software licenses need to operate and maintain virtual servers in the DoIT Data Center.
Includes Data Center hardware costs to operate and maintain the DoIT Data Center.
Includes nightly backups with 30 days of retention
CPU unit cost: $5.00 per core allocated
RAM unit cost: $1.00 per GB allocated
Storage cost: $0.10 per GB allocated


Server Base $100
CPU $5.00 per core
RAM $1.00 per GB
Disk $0.10 per GB
Labor rate for additional services $125 per hour
Networking 1 - 1GB port per device;
10GB uplink
(Card access, Cameras, Locked racks)
Additional Security Requirements (HIPPA, FERPA, PCI, etc.) Included
Backup Included
Rack 1U total
19” mounting width
24” external width
48” depth (600mm X 1200mm)
OS License Included
IP Addresses Private IP included
Public IP available at additional cost
VLANs Separate VLANs for each customer included
Operating System monitoring and support 24x7 Free
Monthly Operating System patching Free


Please contact our UTS Service Desk at (803) 777-1800 or use our Self-Service Portal.