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University Technology Services

Service Agreements

University Technology Services offers a wide variety of services and support. A service agreement (SA) allows UTS to offer colleges, departments and University organizations these services on an enterprise level. These SA's can be customized for each requesting department, college or organization. The following is an overview of what is offered. Please click on the service for more information.

What we offer Cost
Desktop Support $25/per FTE or $25/per lab or kiosk computer
Virtual Server Based on storage and support needs
SharePoint $100/month 
Mass E-mail $60/month or $350/per campaign 
File Share $.10/GB/month

If you would like more information about Service Agreements, you can contact our UTS Service Desk or call (803) 777-1800. 

Conditions & Responsibilities

UTS Service Agreements are not contracts with departments and colleges of the University. However, they do provide a clear level of service and responsibility from the UTS staff and the customers in which it serves. UTS and customers will agree on the following as needed:

  • UTS Service Agreements cover a minimum of one-year and will continue until either party terminates the agreement. At least 30-day notice of termination is required.
  • The SA limits support to those items for which UTS has qualified personnel or facilities to provide a necessary level of adequate support. Departments and colleges may obtain equipment and software they may deem necessary to support their mission.
  • UTS and the department or college will participate in a Needs Assessment and possible inventory audit, if necessary, to determine requirements for support and services.
  • Departments and colleges will be responsible for support and service of equipment not included in the Service Agreement.
  • Provide primary and secondary departmental contacts and information
  • Promptly report problems and changes to SA customers and the UTS Service Desk, 803-777-1800.
  • Request and deliver data restorations in a timely manner.
  • Inform UTS of any installation and maintenance of hardware and software performed by non-UTS vendors.
  • Provide UTS with a listing of all current hardware and/or software contracts and services provided by non-UTS vendors.
  • Departments and colleges will provide department and fund information and authorization for the billing of the SA.
  • Encourage and schedule training for employees working within the area’s computing resources.
  • Evaluate and communicate to UTS the level and quality of UTS service provided.
  • Ensure data is properly secured and responsible computing habits are used when saving and backing up data within UTS.
  • Departments and colleges will follow any procedures outline in the SA.
  • Departments and colleges will be responsible for obtaining and purchasing needed hardware or software with recommendations from UTS if available or needed.

UTS will provide all services outlined in the Service Agreement.

For further information or questions regarding UTS Service Agreements, please contact the UTS Service Desk at (803) 777-1800. The UTS Service Desk is available Monday through Friday, 8am - 6pm.