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McNAIR Center

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Access equipment and facilities that are 10 times the size of normal research environments.

With approximately a $7 million in MSRP value, our Advanced Composite Manufacturing Laboratory is maintained by experts who are happy to guide partners through the vast capabilities available to achieve the highest level of business solving solutions.

In addition to accessing cutting-edge facilities, our services could include research, product development and prototyping, and systems testing and evaluation. 


  • Fiber placement facility (Ingersoll Machine Tools Lynx AFP 16 x 0.250”) operational and available for large scale specimen production, prototyping and research
  • Fusion bonding laboratory operational and available for induction welding, VARTM, friction stir welding and basic research
  • Computational design facility operational including CAD and CAE environment, and also optimization infrastructure


  • Open and proprietary research support to consortia and companies
  • Manufacturing research (process development, part production, assembly, qualification, DFM)
  • Materials research (synthesis, surface treatments)
  • Maintenance research (condition based maintenance, inspection technology, evaluation strategies, repair technology)

Product Development/Prototyping or Systems Testing/Evaluation

  • Material testing and characterization (NDI, NDE, Destructive testing)
  • Health monitoring (System design, testing, basic research)
  • Dynamic testing
  • Certification support
  • Computational design, analysis and optimization