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McNAIR Center

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Professional Education

logoMcNAIR Advance is an outreach program dedicated to excellence in professional training. With aspirations to lead workforce development in the United States, we recruit industry experts to support the southeast's rising prominence in the fields of design, robotics, structural health monitoring, composite manufacturing, and testing. 

As one of two Dassault Systemes Certified Education Partners in the United States, McNAIR Advance is delivering programming with initial emphasis on CATIA software, the leading technology solution utilized to develop a broad range of products across the world. Learn or further your skills in design, simulation, and analytics that are applicable in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, and industrial machinery. CATIA certifications demonstrate proof of your ability to use one of the world's leading design tools.

2016 Training Courses

Train in an innovative learning environment that encourages connecting teams and preparing individuals to be competitive in the global economy. McNAIR Advance provides the same 3D modeling applications that have transformed industry practices - from Digital Mockups to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). This unique approach offers a broad range of design possibilities and enhances employability by giving you realistic industrial experience.

CATIA V5 Fundamental (V5F)

This course teaches CATIA V5. You will learn how to build simple parts and assemblies in CATIA, and how to make simple drawings of those parts and assemblies.


  • Understand and use the CATIA V5 interface
  • Plan the construction of a part in order to convey its visual and functional aspects
  • Create simple parts in CATIA V5 
  • Construct an assembly using the parts
  • Product simple drawings and assembly layouts

Prerequisites: Students attending this course should be familiar with Mechanical Design and the Windows Operating System.

Ideal Participants: Mechanical Designers with no CATIA V5 experience

Price: $1,900  Duration: 5 Days

CATIA V5 Foundations for Aerospace Part Designers

This course introduces CATIA V5 and teaches the creation of simple models from 2D sketches, and the correct techniques for the making an annotation of complex solid models. It introduces you to surface design and the concepts of part design in the context of an assembly.


  • Identify the appropriate CATIA V5 tools used for part design
  • Plan the construction of a complex part in order to properly convey its visual and functional aspects
  • Annotate parts
  • Design simple surface parts
  • Modify a part within the context of an assembly

Prerequisites: Students attending this course should be familiar with Mechanical Design and the Windows Operating System.

Ideal Participants: Aerospace Part Designers

Price: $1,900  Duration: 5 Days

CATIA V6 Mechanical Design Fundamentals

This course teaches how to build parts using feature-based and functional modeling techniques and how to apply design rules in CATIA V6. This course also teaches how to create a simple assembly, simulate a mechanism, create a rendered image and generate a simple detail drawing.


  • Find documents in the V6 database
  • Open, explore and save documents
  • Create mechanical parts
  • Check parts using existing rules
  • Create and animate an assembly
  • Create rendered images
  • Produce a simple detail drawing

Prerequisites: Students attending this course should be familiar with the basics of ENOVIA 3D Live.

Ideal Candidates: Mechanical Engineers

Price: $2,250  Duration: 2.5 Days

CATIA V6 Mechanical Design Advanced

This course introduces you to complex modeling techniques. You learn to create structured models and complex parts, how to define a product architecture and use it to design in an assembly environment. You will also learn how to manage complex product structures and product configurations, and create part families using parameterized models. Finally, you will learn how to analyze the impacts of design modifications and review a product.


  • Design complex parts
  • Manage a complex product structure
  • Design in an assembly environment
  • Use assembly-level features
  • Use product configurations
  • Analyze impacts of modifications
  • Analyze a product
  • Review a product

Prerequisites: CATIA V6 Mechanical Design Fundamentals

Ideal Candidates: Mechanical Designers

Price: $2,425  Duration: 1.5 Days

Introduction to Abaqus

Pre on Monday/Tuesday: Generative Part Structural Analysis Fundamentals (GPF)

This course teaches how to perform analyses of the parts and assemblies using Abaqus for CATIA. You will be taught to work with nonlinear analysis tools while becoming familiar with the Structural Analysis workbench and Thermal Analysis workbench. Additionally, you become familiar with Explicit Dynamic Analysis.


  • Integrate AFC with CATIA V5
  • Manage analysis cases and analysis steps
  • Manage loads, boundary conditions and fields
  • Manage model, assembly and part properties
  • Undersand geometric nonlinearity
  • Understand the contact
  • Perform static and thermal analysis
  • Analyze the results

Prerequisites: None

Ideal Candidate: Engineers with experience using Abaqus and CATIA V5, especially the Generative Structural Analysis workbench.

Price: $1,900  Duration: 2 Days

We are proud to count USC as one of our Training and Certification Centers in NAM. With the significant efforts put on the US re-industrialization and the increasing number of engineers getting retired, the demand for well trained and skilled people is rocketing. With USC combining training and certification for those who will pass the difficult exams, we are together providing an efficient answer for immediately employable people mastering the Dassault Systemes solutions that are the most demanded in the market. -Thierry Collet, VP, Global Academia & Education, Dassault Systems