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About the Foundation
A major initiative to increase the support for faculty doing research at USC was the formation of the South Carolina Research Foundation (formerly known as South Carolina Research Institute) in 1997. The South Carolina Research Foundation provides greater flexibility and competitiveness in implementing research grants and contracts, building infrastructure, and developing intellectual property for the faculty. South Carolina Research Foundation's management responsibilities include USC's intellectual technology licensing program and the USC Columbia Technology Incubator.

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Our Mission
South Carolina Research Foundation is an element in the University's strategy for research growth, supporting faculty efforts, and helping the University faculty with their scholarship goals.

The South Carolina Research Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors. Drawn from the public and private sector leadership, the board brings a broad range of backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives necessary to make strategic decisions. The board includes 10 external and six internal members.

The six internal members are the USC President, the Provost, the Vice President for the Division of Research and Graduate Education, the Foundations Director, a member of the Faculty Advisory Council (appointed by the president), and a member of the Council of Academic Deans (appointed by the president).

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