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Cycling around USC not only is a healthy alternative to driving, but also helps in reducing local traffic congestion and air pollution. USC Vehicle Management and Parking Services continuously works to improve bicycle parking, awareness, and safety around campus.

The University of South Carolina has earned the League of American Bicyclists’ Bike Friendly University Bronze Level Award.

We are the first and only University in the state of South Carolina and in the SEC to be recognized. 

You can find the complete list of winners here:  http://blog.bikeleague.org/blog/2012/03/more-march-madness-new-bicycle-friendly-universities-announced/

Check out Outdoor Recreation's Bike Shop located in the Strom Thurmond Wellness Center Room 120

The USC Department of Physical Education and Athletic Training is offering a cycling course called Bicycle Touring, PEDU 186.  The instructor is a top 10 finisher in the National Triathlon Championships and competed on the US National Track Team.  This course is offered for academic credit and will help you learn bicycle safety, etiquette, rules of the road , bike maintenance, training program development, and more.
The mission of the USC Bike Advisory Committee at the University of South Carolina is to provide a learning community of students, faculty, staff, and community members dedicated to the development of bicycling programs within the community. The Bike Advisory Committee is dedicated to raising public awareness, creating and maintaining accessibility, education focused on safety and accepted practices, and developing biker friendly services.  We strive to create opportunities for positive change for bicyclists within the community.
More information here
Cycling on the Columbia Campus

Bike Registration - All bicycles parked on campus are required to be registered. Registering helps to discourage theft, and will assist in recovery if the bike is stolen. Registration is FREE. You may register your bike at the Parking Services office at 1501 Pendleton Street, or online at http://www.sc.edu/vmps/bike.html

Bike Parking - All Bicycles are to be parked in designated bicycle racks. DO NOT lock bikes to handrails, meters, or street signs. Do not block walkways, ramps, or stairways. USC Police recommends a U-LOCK. Make sure you lock the frame and wheel to the rack. The University reserves the right to remove any bicycle deemed unsafe or abandoned.

Bike Racks - Bike Racks are located throughout the Columbia campus. Parking Services continues to monitor the use of existing racks, and to add more racks where needed.

A map of existing bike racks can be found here:http://www.sc.edu/vmps/USC-SHUTTLE-PARKING-MAP.pdf#page=3

Traffic Rules -
**** SC Bicycle Laws have been revised. Please follow the link below to view all revisions:

Helmets are not required by law, but are a good idea
Obey all traffic signs. Stops lights and signs apply to all vehicles, including bikes
Always flow with traffic
Like all vehicles, bikes must yield to pedestrian traffic
Always watch for buses on campus
Make sure your bike is in proper working order (tire pressure, chain care, and all bolts tightened)
Always use appropriate hand signals: (please see revisions mentioned above)

Left-hand Turns

Right-hand Turns


Left-hand turns - A left-hand turn requires extra caution,as a bicyclist can be crossing the street from the opposite direction. Remember that you must yield to them when they have the right of way as you would for a car. Also,they may be traveling faster than you would expect. (please see revisions mentioned above)

Right-hand Turns - When making a right-hand turn,it ’s common to move towards the right curb. Always check behind you on your right since a bicyclist may be there, even if you are already in the right lane! When near the intersection, do not move in front of the cyclist to turn because you may cause an accident with a bicycle that is continuing straight.

Stop - When coming to a stop, be aware of the vehicles that are behind you.Before coming to a stop, indicate to vehicles your intention of stopping at the intersection.

Other Services -
Cyclists can use designated showers located in the Living Learning Center of West Quad.
Click here to learn about the services offered by Outdoor Recreation's Bike Shop

Cycling in the Community

South Carolina Department of Transportation Bicycle and Pedestrian Program

Three Rivers Greenway

Central Midlands Council of Governments Transportation Information

Columbia Transit: CMRTA System Routes

Bike-to-Bus with CMRTA Bike Racks

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

Cycling for Health & Sustainability

Bikes save money: (adapted from activetransportation.com)

  Automobile Bicycle
Operating Cost Per Mile $0.35 $0.05
Annual Operating Cost $3,000 - $5,170 $120 - $300
Purchasing Price $13,532 $385

Bikes save time:
Trips less than three miles are often faster by bike. Trips between five and seven miles typically take about the same amount of time as driving. Even if you spend a little extra time walking or bicycling to work, think of those minutes as time you no longer need to spend at the gym! (Bicycle Commuter Manual).

Bikes save the environment:
Bicycling is the most energy efficient form of transportation, getting the equivalent of 3,000 miles to the gallon (League of American Bicyclists). Also, one-hundred bicycles can be produced for the same amount of energy and resources as is required to build a mid-sized automobile (Bicycle Commuter Manual).

Bikes save your health:
The average 30 minute commute burns 250 calories.