Story River Books Titles

A Southern Girl: A Novel
John Warley
Foreword by Therese Anne Fowler
Read an excerpt.

A Southern Girl: Beginnings is available as an ebook here. It is the first four chapters of the novel.

By the Red Glare: A Novel
Mark Sibley-Jones
Foreword by Marion Lucas

The Sheltering: A Novel
Mark Powell
Foreword by Pat Conroy

Famous All Over Town: A Novel
Bernie Schein
Foreword by Janis Owens

Los Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves, Expanded Edition
Maggie Schein
Illustrations by Jonathan Hannah
Foreword by Pat Conroy

Forthcoming in Spring 2015

Fate Moreland's Widow: A Novel
John Lane
Foreword by Wiley Cash

Seam Busters: A Novella
Mary Hood

Soon: Stories
Pam Durban

Forthcoming in Fall 2015

A Clear View of the Southern Sky: Stories
Mary Hood
Foreword by Pat Conroy

The Headmaster's Darlings: A Novel
Katherine Clark
Foreword by Pat Conroy