New York Times-bestselling author Pat Conroy is taking on a new role as editor-at-large for Story River Books, a South Carolina-based original fiction imprint to be published by the University of South Carolina Press. Named for a small river which runs along Fripp Island, Story River Books will brand and expand USC Press's commitment to publishing top-notch regional fiction under Conroy's editorship.

In the opening lines of The Prince of Tides, Conroy's protagonist Tom Wingo muses "My wound is geography. It is also my anchorage, my port of call." Story River Books will actively seek to publish writers who share this anchorage to South Carolina. Open to original novels and short story collections, the imprint will emphasize an inclusive representation of Palmetto State writers by race, gender, and geography. Story River Books will publish books in which South Carolina is the main if not always exclusive setting. While the books may diverge greatly in style and themes, they will collectively present new perspectives on the dynamic, complex, and oft-contested past and present of a recognizable South Carolina for readers both within and beyond the Palmetto State.