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Myth, Memory and Imagination
Universal Themes in the Life and Culture of the South

Introduction by Julia J. Norrell, Collector


Southern novelist Walker Percy said that "depicting the commonplace allows the reader to penetrate the commonplace." In this way the artists become knights errant who—after many difficulties—discover the Grail cup, the extraordinary within the ordinary and offer us the gift of understanding. Even a single image, such as Jonathan Green's Daughters of the South can bring us a vision of contentment and optimism. We can almost feel the wind that blows the scarves and dresses of Green's figures, refreshing us, blowing away the smoky debris of the Old South myth. Similarly, Eldridge Bagley's Approaching Christmas and Daniel Weiner's Moultrie, Georgia, House, and Figures remind us that the best of Southern culture revolves around home and place, family and community, religion and ritual. Through the works in this exhibition we can imagine a fresh vision of the South, honoring a rich multicultural heritage to be treasured by all Southerners.



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8 1/2 x 11
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