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Foreign Investment and NAFTA

Edited by Alan Rugman

NAFTA's net effect on foreign investment

While jobs were centerpiece on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) debate, this four-part volume explores this controversial agreement's impact on foreign investment. International business experts evaluate the investment rules and regulations included in NAFTA and predict how these new rules will affect large multinational corporations.

Beginning with an explanation of NAFTA's investment provisions, part one discusses the politics and economics of the agreement. Part two assesses NAFTA's impact on foreign investment in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Part three includes case studies of the energy and forest products sectors, offering a detailed discussion of how multinational enterprises might redirect their strategic planning efforts in light of NAFTA. The final section considers NAFTA's impact on North American foreign investment from Asian and Latin American sources.

Concluding that NAFTA will create a strong regional trading block in which "insider" firms will benefit at the expense of Asian and European "outsiders," the contributors to this volume predict that the agreement will cause few adverse effects for Canadian and U.S. industries. They concur that NAFTA will affect Mexico more than its northern neighbors, and they emphasize that while Mexico will enjoy accelerated growth as a result of the agreement, it will also face greater adjustment costs.

Alan M. Rugman is professor of international business at the University of Toronto and author of more than twenty books dealing with the strategic management of multinational corporations. Rugman has served as visiting professor at Columbia Business School, London Business School, Harvard University, UCLA, and the Sloan School of Management at MIT. This volume is the sequel to his book Multinationals and Canada-U.S. Free Trade.



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Critical Issues Facing the Multinational Enterprise

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