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Leadership Distinction

E-Portfolio Requirements

The final requirement for graduating with leadership distinction is to complete an electronic portfolio. See the complete e-portfolio content guide (PDF).

Your e-portfolio must clearly communicate:

  • what you have learned through your within and beyond the classroom experiences in a particular pathway and
  • how you will apply what you have learned to the future.

An e-portfolio includes:

  • representative records of your experiences (e.g., photos, videos, links to websites)
  • examples of your work (e.g., papers, projects, performances)
  • original text explaining what you have learned and how you will apply it to the future

The Graduation with Leadership E-portfolio must include the following sections:

  1. About Me (introduction)
  2. Key insights (summary of what you learned related to the pathway)
  3. Analysis (how your experiences within and beyond the classroom relate to one another and your analysis of contributing factors, various perspectives, etc.)
  4. Leadership (how you will apply what you have learned to lead.

See Cocky's Google Sites e-portfolio.

How to Create an e-portfolio

Google Sites is recommended for creating the Graduation with Leadership Distinction e-portfolio.  See examples and support materials on creating an e-portfolio in Google Sites. (Students using Blackboard e-portfolios can see further information here.)


Training and Recommendations

Building an e-portfolio is a complex task and students are required to either:

  1. RECOMMENDED – Complete a course
    Successfully complete a course that requires students to meet graduation with leadership distinction e-portfolio requirements in the senior year.

    E-portfolio course option for Spring 2014:   UNIV 401

    This course is designed to help students complete the e-portfolio. E-portfolio training sessions will be included in the course. The e-portfolio deadline is determined by the course instructor.

  2. Attend a Training Session
    Attend one or more e-portfolio training sessions in the semester prior to the graduation semester.

    Students completing an e-portfolio through workshops must submit their e-portfolio by these deadlines:
    • February 17 for May 2014 graduation
    • September 15 for December graduation
    • May 15 for August graduation

    E-portfolio Sessions Spring 2014

    USC Columbia Training sessions
    exclusively for seniors graduating in May 2014*

    Before attending an E-Portfolio training session you must attend a GLD Orientation.

    • Tuesday, February 25, 9:00-10:30 a.m., Thomas Cooper Library room 304
    • Wednesday, February 26, 1:00-2:30 p.m., Thomas Cooper Library room 104
    • Monday, March 3, 5:30-7:00 p.m., Thomas Cooper Library room 104
    USC Columbia Training Sessions
    Note: These sessions provide basic information on e-portfolio technology and how to develop e-portfolio content. Completing an e-portfolio independently requires a significant commitment. 
    • Tuesday, January 14th
      10:05 – 11:20AM (Thomas Cooper Library Room 304)
    • Wednesday, January 15th
      4:40 – 5:30PM (Thomas Cooper Library Room 304)
    • Thursday, March 13th
      1:15 – 2:30PM (Wardlaw Room 274 D, College of Education)
    • Friday, April 11th
      3:30 – 4:20PM (Wardlaw Room 274 D, College of Education)

    USC Lancaster, Salkehatchie, Sumter, Union Training Sessions
    Location: Distance Classrooms
    • Step One: View the orientation video and afterward email Nick Vaught the pathway you are interested in, campus affiliation, and any questions you have on GLD requirements.  Nick must receive an e-mail from you by December 16th if you are planning to graduate May 2014 and you did not attend the December 4th session.

      Step Two: View the e-portfolio video.  Follow-up by emailing Nick:
      • Date you viewed the video
      • Link to the e-portfolio framework you built by viewing the video (e.g., construction of the four required pages with some text on one page and an attachment).  Nick must receive your e-portfolio framework by January 6th if you are planning to graduate May 2014.

Contact Nick Vaught if you have any questions or encounter any problems.

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