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Beyond-the-Classroom Experiences
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Beyond-the-classroom experiences include
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Short term experiences, such as:
One-time events such as artistic performances, guest lectures, and short term community service opportunities(e.g., MLK Service Days, “fill-the-van” Saturdays).

Long term experiences, such as:
Extended community service, internships, ongoing leadership in a student organization, study abroad, continuing research with a faculty member. Often includes a reflective or structured learning component and students may earn credit.

The Pathways

USC Connect focuses on 5 pathways research has shown to positively impact student success:

Community Service, Global Study, Internships, Peer Leadership, and Research.


USC Connect focuses on five “high impact” pathways

  • participateCommunity Service
    Service provided to local, off-campus groups with a focus on positive impact to the community being served. May be short or long term. Service learning integrates robust community service and academic course work.
  • Global Learning
    Experience focused on learning about different cultures and parts of the nation and world. Includes national and international study away programs and educational experiences. Includes local opportunities to interact with and learn about diverse people, cultures, and environments. May or may not be for credit.
  • Internships
    Full- or part-time experience in a work setting which may or may not include remuneration or credit. Focused on developing knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be fully prepared for a profession or a variety of work options.
  • Peer Leadership
    Participating in on-campus opportunities, particularly in relation to leading, developing, and implementing programs or activities for others. Includes student organizations, peer leadership programs, active participation in living and learning communities (residence life), and campus life activities (e.g., recreation, media, multicultural student affairs, media).
  • Research
    Exploring academic interests and disciplines of study in-depth through planned and purposeful inquiry, traditional research, and creative scholarship/activities. May or may not be for credit or a component within a broader course. Includes serving as a research assistant and developing and completing individual projects.
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