To effectively connect with our audiences, we must tell our stories with a distinctive voice that reflects our brand personality. The tone of our stories should be confident and genuine, written in a vibrant, easy to read style. We can do both by what we say and how we say it.

Provide vivid, specific examples to back up what we say about USC and establish context.

  • Use USC's people and their stories to convey our messages.
  • Demonstrate how and where USC makes a difference.
  • Make the message personal; put a face on our achievements.

Show our University of South Carolina personality and how we achieve our goals by being:

  • Ambitious: We set high standards for ourselves and for those who join us in our quest to build healthier and more educated communities.
  • Confident: We trust in our abilities to be a force for positive change and we develop leaders in our faculty, students and alumni who value diversity and teamwork.
  • Successful: We continue to expand on our tradition of scholarship and leadership to create new generations of bold thinkers and committed problem solvers.
  • Genuine: We are a welcoming community that put our ethics into practice by displaying personal integrity and respect for others.
  • Vibrant: We have an undeniable spirit and a boundless energy that grows from our thirst for knowledge and our commitment to improve our way of life.