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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture of the University of South Carolina should tell a story — a story that highlights the unique aspects of our campus, our people and our activities. Our pictures should tell our story in unexpected ways or from a different angle. Stories that make us stop,look twice and think.


Life happens. Our goal is to capture those moments in life, but a photo shoot takes a little planning,too. Before the shoot scout the location and take note of the light. Natural light works best. Plan your composition to take advantage of the light and show the action. Avoid straight documentary-style shots to create dynamic images that tell a story and portray our campus as life uninterrupted.

Photo Style

When planning a shot, be sure to consider what to wear. Consider how your subject will appear in relation to the background and the mood you are trying to convey through the photo. For example have your subject wear a bright color to help them stand out from a neutral background and add vibrancy to your image. Or if the mood is serious, have them wear darker, richer colors to enhance the feeling and set the tone.

Keep in mind our color palette as a guide in suggesting wardrobe, and remember, a Gamecock garnet shirt or two will add to our genuine sense of place.

Photo style 2

The image above left shows that even a "posed" group shot can convey a sense of energy. Use props to give your subjects something to do with their hands. It will relax them and lend authenticity to the scene. On the right, a tightly cropped image is used to draw the viewer into the scene.


See how we use the same basic elements that make a great photograph — depth, focus, personality, atmosphere and point of view — to tell our story and reveal our genuine, vibrant, con dent, ambitious and successful university.

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