Garnet and Black

Garnet & Black

Garnet and black are the official colors of the University of South Carolina.

The first report of Gamecock fans wearing garnet and black goes back to Christmas Eve 1892 when Carolina's nascent football team took on purple-clad Furman. Garnet and black have been associated with Carolina ever since.

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition, defines garnet as "a variable color averaging a dark red." Using the Pantone Matching System as a guide, the University uses PMS 202 C as our garnet color. Use the information below to best match PMS 202 in print and electronic applications.

Secondary Palette

While garnet and black are the university's primary colors and an integral part of our brand, a secondary color palette has been developed to provide versatility and variety when developing communications materials for university programs. The secondary palette was inspired by colors from our system campuses as well as complementary hues from the South Carolina landscape.


Keep the following guidelines in mind when using the secondary color palette:

  • Limit the number of secondary colors used in a single piece so they do not overpower any use of garnet and black.
  • Avoid color combinations that could be associated with other colleges and universities.
  • Where appropriate, tie secondary colors to the subject. Support colors can help connect the visual design to the subject of your piece. For example, a brochure related to water quality could use a blue or a poster focused on sustainabilty could use a green.

Inks on Paper

PMS 202 C is the official match to University of South Carolina garnet for offset printing applications on matte-, dull- or gloss-coated paper stocks.

PMS 201 should be used when printing on uncoated paper. Ink will absorb into uncoated paper and, in many cases, dry as a darker color. The PMS 201 color on uncoated stock is actually a closer match to the color of PMS 202 on coated stock.

The four-color process mix that corresponds to PMS 202 (coated paper) is: 0% cyan, 100% magenta, 61% yellow, and 43% black

The four-color process mix for PMS 201 (uncoated paper) is: 0% cyan, 100% magenta, 63% yellow, and 29% black

Other Applications

For other applications such as clothing, silk screening, paint, etc., ask the vendor to match the PMS 202 C garnet. Contact the university's Trademark and Licensing Office for information on thread color and fabric swatches and using licensed vendors.

Web and Video

Web page viewing of colors varies by monitor and viewing conditions. New USC Web pages will use a Web safe RGB of 73000A

Download the logo

The .zip download folder contains EPS, PDF and high-resolution JPEG files of both standard and linear logo versions of the University logo.