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Census 2010 Faculty Experts List

In March, American households will receive 2010 Census forms. The data collected on population and housing are used to fund community services and public-works projects and determine the number of seats each state has in the U.S. House of Representatives. To help print and broadcast outlets with news stories related to the Census, the University of South Carolina’s Office of Media Relations has compiled a list of faculty experts. To coordinate interviews, contact Peggy Binette at 803-777-5400 or via e-mail at

¡ Polling and public opinion
Dr. Robert Oldendick is director of the Institute for Public Service and Policy Research and a professor of political science. He is an expert on public opinion and co-author of the text, “Public Opinion: Measuring the American Mind.” Oldendick can discuss the methodology and accuracy of census data gathering.

¡ Gender-related topics
Dr. Drucilla Barker is director of Women’s and Gender Studies and a professor of anthropology. Barker, an expert in feminism and the political economy, can discuss gender topics related to the 2010 census.

¡ American family and education
Dr. Lala Steelman is chair of the sociology department and a professor of sociology. She is a prolific scholar in the area of family and education. Her research has been published in top journals, including Social Forces, Social Psychology Quarterly and American Journal of Sociology, and has received awards by the American Sociological Association. Steelman can discuss the census as it relates to the American family and education.

¡ South Carolina’s cultural landscape
Dr. Jerry Mitchell is director of the Center for Excellence for Geographic Education and an associate professor of geography. Mitchell is an expert on South Carolina geography as well as environmental hazards and recreation and tourism. He can discuss the census as it relates to the people and landscape of South Carolina.

¡ Census as a historical source
Dr. Lacy Ford is chair of the history department and a professor of history. Ford, an expert on the history of the American South from 1789, can discuss the census data as historical sources.

¡ Latino-related topics
Dr. Myriam Torres is director of the Consortium for Latino Immigration Studies and a clinical assistant professor of epidemiology and biostatistics in the Arnold School of Public Health. Torres can discuss the Census as it relates to growing Latino population in South Carolina and the Southeast.

¡ South Carolina politics
Dr. Mark Tompkins is a professor of political science and an expert on healthcare policy and South Carolina politics. Tompkins can discuss the Census’ impact on political representation and legislative topics.

¡ South Carolina economy
Dr. Douglas Woodward is director of the Division of Research and a professor of economics at the university’s Darla Moore School of Business. Woodward is an expert on South Carolina’s economy. He can discuss economic implications of the 2010 Census.

¡ Minority participation
Danielle Holley-Walker, an assistant professor of law, can discuss the importance of the census to racial and ethnic groups and how important it is for those groups to have full participation. She also can discuss how the results of the census will impact congressional districts and funding for school districts.

By Office of Media Relations

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