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Doritos wins this year’s Cocky Award

Students at the University of South Carolina have cast their votes, and Doritos “Snack Attack Samurai” is the winner of the seventh annual Cocky’s Super Ad Poll.

The creator of the winning ad will be invited to campus to receive the coveted Cocky Award this semester.

“This is the first time that a consumer-generated ad has won the poll,” said Bonnie Drewniany, an associate professor of journalism who teaches a South Carolina Honors College course on Super Bowl advertising. “It will be fascinating to hear the story behind the ad.”

Students in the Drewniany’s class gathered for the big game at Newsplex, the USC/Ifra newsroom, on Super Bowl Sunday to critique this year’s crop of commercials. They rated each national ad in three categories: persuasion, brand identity and likability.

Bud Light’s “House Made of Bud Light” and Volkswagen’s “Punch Dub” placed second and third overall, respectively.

The 2009 winning ad was the Bud Light commercial starring Conan O’Brien. The creative team from DDB Chicago claimed their Cocky Award and discussed the process for developing the ad during the College of Mass Communication and Information Studies’ I-Comm Week in April.

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