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A fragment of the imagination

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Students from the University of South Carolina Dance Program will present “Fragments of Light,” a showcase of their original choreography, Nov. 27 - 30 at Drayton Hall Theatre.

Show times for all performances are 6 p.m. Tickets are $12 for students, $16 for USC faculty and staff, military and seniors 60 and older and $18 for the general public. Tickets can be reserved by calling the box office at 803-777-5112, or charged by phone at 803-251-2222.
Eleven works were submitted and eight made it into the final showcase.
Among the premiere works to be performed:
•    “Distinguishing Diversity in Hip Hop,” a piece by dance education seniors Amanda Nelson and Laura Smith, in collaboration with professional hip hop dancers Saza Dimmick  (Arizona's Epik Dance Company artistic director,) and Edson “BBoy House” Magana;

•    “Flames of Inspiration” by Camille Sellers, junior dance performance and choreography major, inspired after attending the 2012 Summer Olympic Games;

•    “Deadly Sin” by Hannah Brown, senior dance performance and choreography major, which addresses the seven deadly sins in a new light, and;

•    Sweeping the Stage” by Alyson Amato, senior dance education major, a piece drawn from the choreographer’s two inspirations, painting and dance. 

The eight pieces reflect a range of dance styles, from modern dance to contemporary ballet to hip hop. “Distinguishing Diversity in Hip Hop,” takes the audiences through five different styles of street dance, including contemporary hip hop, breaking, popping, locking and "waacking."
Cindy Flach, the showcase director, said this concert represents another “step up” in the level of choreography the dance students have mastered. 

“The depth of creative thinking and choices made by our student dancers and choreographers is off the charts. In my opinion this is a concert to watch.  I'm sure many of these student choreographers will be making dances on a larger scale in ever more prestigious settings in the years to come,” Flach said.

Based on Images
Immediately after “Fragments of Light” the dance program's resident professional company, Wideman/Davis Dance, will present the original contemporary dance “Based on Images.” Thaddeus Davis and Tanya Wideman-Davis are assistant professors in the USC dance department.

The show is set for 8 p.m.

The original show, which debuted in 2009, was inspired by media images of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Three years after the first performance, the duo reprises “Based on Images,” asking whether government disaster policies and response have changed. Ironically, during rehearsals for the updated show, Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast. That killer storm provoked more questions for the creative team.

“When I look at the media images of hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, it's like looking at the same storm. The differences are the ethnic diversity of the people and their socio-economic status, but I still see the same pain and struggle for survival. It is a bit eerie to bring “Based on Images” back and during our rehearsal process another devastating storm happens,” Davis said.
In this updated performance, the duo uses video as well as dance to express the evolution of the project.

“The intent was to look at what was previously done and deconstruct it to have a greater sense of validity in 2012, post Sandy and several other storms following Katrina.  Remounting the text and adding other visual elements such as sets and video projections was a way to open up the work,” Wideman-Davis said.

Tickets for “Based on Images” are $12 for students, $16 for faculty, staff, military, and seniors and $18 for the general public. Tickets can be reserved by calling the box office at 803-777-5112.
The two will host a discussion after each show, giving the audience the opportunity to talk about the performance.

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