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Parenting center partners on $3.4 million NIH GO Grant

The University of South Carolina has received another prestigious Grand Opportunity (GO) Grant from the National Institutes of Health. The university’s Parenting and Family Research Center (PFRC) is partnering with Oregon Research Institute on a $3.4 million federal grant aimed at creating the scientific infrastructure for the Promise Neighborhood Initiative.

Dr. Ron Prinz, director of the PFRC and a member of the initiative’s steering committee, said that the Promise Neighborhood Research Consortium comprises 25 prevention scientists in collaboration with community leaders who will work with America’s most impoverished neighborhoods to promote positive adjustment and academic achievement in children and youth.

Earlier this month the university announced a $4.8 million GO Grant from NIH to the university’s Center for Healthcare Quality.

Dr. Anthony Biglan, senior scientist at Oregon Research Institute and coordinator of the consortium, said he is excited about the initiative and the university’s involvement.

“This grant award is an opportunity for the consortium to help high-poverty neighborhoods in America make effective use of the evidence that has accumulated about prevention and treatment and to collaborate with them on the next generation of research that can enhance the effectiveness and dissemination of interventions,” Biglan said. “The University of South Carolina is an integral partner in this ambitious initiative in terms of key scientists and prospective communities.”

Biglan and Prinz said that, using current scientific knowledge, the consortium will help the neighborhoods first identify ways to prevent substance abuse, antisocial behavior, risky sexual behavior, depression and academic failure and promote diverse forms of positive behavior and academic achievement. Second, it will help conduct careful evaluations of strategies for achieving these outcomes.

“A central aspect of this initiative is the promoting of nurturing environments that positively impact children, youth and families,” Prinz said.

“A secondary goal of the consortium is to develop and train early-career scientists who can carry on this important work for many years into the future,” Biglan said.

Early-career scientists affiliated with the university’s PFRC and participating in the initiative include Dr. Cheri Shapiro of the department of psychology and university alumnus Dr. Chaundrissa Oyeshiku Smith, based at Emory University in Atlanta.

Other institutional partners in the Promise Neighborhood Research Consortium include Oregon State University, University of Minnesota, PAXIS Institute, University of Florida and RTI International.

NIH GO Grant

  • What: $3.4 million Grand Opportunity (GO) Grant from the National Institutes of Health
  • Who: Dr. Ron Prinz, director of Parenting and Family Research Center, to administer university's partnership role with Oregon Research Institute

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