University of South Carolina

High School Seniors, don't miss upcoming admissions deadlines


Apply to the University of South Carolina by this Thursday, Oct. 15, and you'll receive a decision during the week of Dec. 14.

"The Early Answer option is designed for the convenience of our applicants," said Scott Verzyl, director of admissions. "It alleviates stress for students who don't want to wait until regular notification in the spring and allows them plenty of time to weigh their options and maximize financial aid packages before making their final college choice."

Early Answer decisions are "non-binding," which means if you are admitted, you are under no obligation to enroll at the University.

"Of course, we're pleased when they do choose Carolina," Verzyl said.

To meet Early Answer deadline requirements, you must submit your application and have your official high-school transcript delivered to the admissions office by Oct. 15. Official SAT or ACT scores are also due by this date; however, October scores will count towards meeting the deadline if students designate the University of South Carolina as a score recipient when they take the test.

Upcoming deadlines are:

October 15, 2009: Early Answer Application Deadline

November 15, 2009: South Carolina Honors College and Top Scholars Application Deadline

December 1, 2009: Priority Application Deadline

December 14, 2009: Early Answer Decision Week Begins 

February 1, 2010: Credentials Deadline

February 15, 2010: SC Honors College Notification

March 15, 2010: Priority Application Decision Week Begins

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