University of South Carolina

Dining to make a difference

By Laura McClure

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Cynthia Steele, Carolina Dining Services’ marketing manager, was recently recognized by the Sodexo Foundation as a Hero of Everyday Life. Each year Sodexo honors employees who work to fight hunger in America through education and outreach.

Steele was honored at the 13th annual Sodexo Foundation dinner in Washington, D.C., June 14, along with four additional staff members and five students. Each award winner was presented with a $5,000 grant to be given to a hunger-related charity of his or her choice. Steele chose to award her grant to the USC Food Bank, which is supported by the University of South Carolina Educational Foundation.

Steele said she was inspired by the words of Peyton Medick, an eighth-grade student who also received the award, who said, “If those with some shared with those who have none, all would have plenty.”

This sentiment, which Steele shares, has guided her efforts with Sodexo to make a difference on campus and in the Midlands.

Steele was named a Hero of Everyday Life for her inspiring achievements for fighting hunger and homeless in the community. Steele has collected and delivered food and supplies to the Homeless Shelter of Columbia, piloted the USC Food Bank through engagement by the USC student body and collected food and raised $15,000 for Harvest Hope Food Bank of Columbia.

Steele has also assisted with the efforts for the Second Servings program at USC, which rescues surplus food and provides meals to local residents at seven shelters for the homeless.

“Because of our efforts, many more South Carolina families will have the comfort of knowing that there WILL be a next meal,” Steele said.

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