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'Feeding the world while the Earth cooks': Geography professor serves on New America Foundation panel

By Steven Powell,, 803-777-1923

A group of journalists and researchers came together in Washington last month to address a central question of survival: Will the warming planet be able to keep up with the booming population’s need for food?

Geography professor Ed Carr was part of the team assembled by Slate and the New America Foundation. The series of discussions, titled "Feeding the World While the Earth Cooks," took place on April 12.

As articulated on the related website, the event addressed a central question: "By 2050, will our global appetite outgrow our agricultural capacity?" The goal was "to find out how everyone — growers, technologists, governments, business leaders, and carbon-conscious consumers — will be part of the solution."

"I was fortunate enough to be paired with Hans Herren, who won the World Food Prize in 1995, and David Biello, associate editor for environment and energy at Scientific American," Carr said. "I focused much of my discussion on the vast knowledge held by the global poor, and how little we really understand about what they know and how they live."

"While this is a knowledge gap, I see it as hopeful: there are a lot of good ideas out there that we have yet to identify that might address the challenges to agriculture posed by climate change."

The website comprising all the panel discussions is located here, and a direct link to Carr, Herren, and Biello's 25-minute discussion is found here.

Carr has been on leave from USC this past year, serving as a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow as a climate science advisor at USAID. His book, "Delivering Development: Globalization’s Shoreline and the Road to a Sustainable Future," was published in 2011.

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