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Arnold School of Public Health seeks study participants

Margaret Lamb,, 803-777-5400

The University of South Carolina is seeking individuals 18 or older with traumatic brain injury to participate in a study on mobility and balance.

The study, which is being conducted b Dr. Stacy Fritz and Dr. Roger Newman-Norlund in the Arnold School of Public Health, is examining whether increased, intensive physical therapy can improve walking and balance in individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injury. For 20 days, all participants will receive intensive, three-hour training that concentrates on walking and balance. The entire study will last four months, and individuals will be compensated for their time. Sessions will take place in the Arnold School’s Public Health Research Center, located at the corner of Assembly and College streets.

To qualify, individuals must have been injured more than three months ago, have the ability to follow commands, and communicate the presence and location of pain and walk 10 meters

Interested individuals will be screened by the department of physical therapy rehabilitation lab staff and, if they meet the qualifications, will attend evaluations sessions before entering the therapy program.

For more information, contact or visit the physical therapy rehab site.

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