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USC Board votes to roll back tuition increases

The University of South Carolina Board of Trustees voted unanimously Tuesday (Oct. 26) to roll back 2010-11 tuition increases to 6.08 percent at USC’s two-year campuses and to 7 percent at USC Beaufort.

The new rate, which takes effect in spring 2011, is in response to the State Budget and Control Board’s Sept. 29 moratorium on capital projects at the state’s four-year public institutions with tuition increases above 7 percent and two-year campuses with tuition increases that exceeded 6.3 percent.

The moratorium impacted building plans at one of the USC system’s four-year campuses: USC Beaufort. The University Board of Trustees had approved a 9.5 percent tuition increase for FY 2011 in order to move tuition for that former two-year campus more in line with that of other four-year public institutions. At USC Beaufort, plans are under way to complete the second floor of its main library, and USC Lancaster, which had a tuition increase of 6.5 percent, is planning to construct a classroom building.

Dr. Ted Moore, USC vice president and chief financial officer, said the move will be particularly difficult for USC Beaufort, though library expansion will now move forward. Administration will work to ensure that effects on academic programs are minimal, he said.

“USC Beaufort has the lowest tuition of any public baccalaureate institution in South Carolina,” Moore said. “We carefully review budget needs on all campuses each year and raise tuition as little as possible while maintaining support for our core mission in light of state budget cuts. It will be difficult, but we will manage the effects of the rollback to minimize effects on academic programs. The rollback on the regional campuses is much smaller so its effect will be less serious.”

The action means that resident tuition and fees for students at the two-year campuses, including students in the baccalaureate Palmetto Programs, will be $2,932 per semester, a drop of $12 per semester. The part-time rate for resident undergraduates with fewer than 75 hours will drop by $1, from $229 per credit hour to $228. Tuition and fees will remain the same for full-time and part-time non-resident undergraduates and part-time for students with more than 75 hours.

USC Beaufort’s resident undergraduate tuition will drop $92 per semester, from $3,970 to $3,878.The part-time rate for resident undergraduates will drop from $317 per credit hour to $310.

Moore said the administration is aware of the hardship that the rollback puts on the USCB campus but that not doing so presents challenges, as well.

“If we were not to comply with the moratorium, USC Beaufort would be unable to upfit the second floor of the library, and that would impact our students and the academic mission.

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