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May session course asks, 'What is green media literacy?'


David Whiteman and Jason Craig are teaching "YouTube, Cell Phones, and the Politics of an Emerging Green Media" this May session at the Green Quad Learning Center.

"This is the second year for the course," said Whiteman, Green Quad principal.

"Our primary aim is to explore how YouTube, cell phones, blogs, and citizen journalism are changing the media landscape and allowing a grassroots, decentralized 'green media' to emerge. We'll look at emerging trends in media consumption and production. We'll talk about grass roots media and the ability of citizens to create their own media organizations and use new technologies for that."

David Whiteman
David Whiteman

Whiteman and Craig, who is assistant director of Green Quad and has a background in media arts, use We the Media: Grass Roots Journalism by the People for the People by Dan Gilmore as a text.

Last year, their class visited Nickelodeon Theatre and USC's radio station, WUSC. Both are good examples of grass roots media organization, Whiteman said.

"We also delve into how mainstream media's primary function isn't entertainment or news but to promote consumption," he said. "We will go to a mall to examine and do an analysis of greenwashing, which is the practice of making unjustified environmental claims for products by a company or industry.

"The structure of the course is democratic and experiential. We assume that all of the members of the class bring their unique media knowledge and experience to this course, and we will draw on that as the course proceeds. We will be inviting guest speakers and taking field trips in search of interesting local examples of “green media.”

In addition to a text, the class is using numerous written resources, including Consuming Environments: Television and Commercial Culture, a book by Mike Budd, Steve Craig, and Clay Steinman; Media, Culture, and the Environment, a book by Alison Anderson; and Jamming the Media: A Citizen's Guide, Reclaiming the Tools of Communication, a book by Gareth Branwyn.

Online sites the class uses include and

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