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Gao Chunchang
Dr. Gao Chunchang will be on campus through August.

Visiting professor from China to give lecture May 4


Dr. Gao Chunchang will present a lecture, "Slave Religion in Colonial North America from an Atlantic Perspective," at noon May 4 in Gambrell Hall, Room 431.

The event, which is free and open to the public, will include a light lunch. A discussion on the teaching of American history in China will follow.

Gao is the first visiting professor for the University's Institute of African American Research (IAAR), located within the Department of History.

In his native China, Gao is a professor in the Department of History and Society at Ludong University, and he is director of its Center for American Studies. He received a competitive grant from the Chinese government to conduct research in his field. He chose to come to the University of South Carolina because of the Department of History's faculty expertise and available resources in his research field. He arrived in February and will continue his work with the IAAR through August.

Gao specializes in African American history, and his publications include The Disenchantment of the World: The Religious Spirit of the West (Jiangxi People's Publisher, Nanchang, 2009), African Americans in the Reconstruction Era (Garland Publishing, New York, 2000), and numerous articles concerning North American slavery.

While in the United States, Gao is conducting research for his newest project entitled The World that Visions Created: Herbs, Hallucination, and Slave Sorcery in the American South, which has developed from his article "Slave Religion in Colonial North America from an Atlantic Perspective: A Cultural Syncretism" published in Historical Studies, China's most prestigious historical journal. He also will explore slave sorcery, the methods slaves employed to create trances and hallucinations, and the uses of these as spiritual experiences through the availability of primary sources not available in China.

His lecture is co-sponsored by the IAAR, the Department of History, and the Walker Institute for International and Area Studies.

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