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From left, Don Mackay, Sarah Degn and Brian Clowdus
From left, guest actor Don Mackay as Leontes and graduate students Sarah Degn and Brian Clowdus as Hermione and Polixenes.

Continued: "The Winter's Tale"


Cast information

Leontes -- Don Mackay, guest artist
Hermione -- Sarah Degn, second-year MAT student (theater)
Perdita -- Katie Krueger, second-year MFA student (acting)
Polixenes -- Brian Clowdus, second-year MFA student (acting)
Florizel -- Jeffrey Earl, junior theater major
Mamillius -- A. Tucker Bytnar, fifth-grader at Brennen Elementary School
Camillo -- Daniel Hill, second-year MFA student (acting)
Antigonus -- Park Bucker, guest artist
Cleomenes -- Daniel Bumgardner, junior theater major
Dion -- Todd Zimbelman, second-year MFA student (acting)
Paulina -- Adrienne Lee, junior theater major
Emilia -- Sonya Thompson, second-year MFA student (acting)
Autolycus -- Ryan Krause, second-year MFA student (acting)
Archidamus -- Bob Hungerford, guest artist
An old Shepherd -- Charles Whetzel, guest artist
Clown -- Jake Mesches, sophomore theater major
Mopsa -- Lin Ying, second-year MFA student (acting)
Dorcas -- Sonya Thompson, second-year MFA student (acting)
Time -- Bob Hungerford, guest artist
Ensemble -- William Vaughan, freshman theater major; Danielle Peterson, freshman theater major; Brittany Price Anderson, junior theater major; William Renken, senior theater major.

Scenic Design -- Nic Ularu, professor of scenic design at USC
Costume Design -- April Brown, second-year MFA student (costume design)
Lighting Design -- Marc Hurst, first-year MFA student (lighting design)
Sound Design -- Walter Clissen, assistant professor in sound design at USC

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‘The Winter’s Tale’

  • What: Shakespeare's tragi-comedy of jealousy, power struggles, love, and absolution
  • Who: Veteran actor Don MacKay to play the lead, King Leontes of Sicilia
  • When: April 16 – 25, varying show times
  • Where: Drayton Hall Theatre

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